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New Documentary Reviews

Silence in the House of God
<M15+> (Sep 2013)
Charley Booman's Extreme Frontiers - South Africa <PG>
Ancient Egypt Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings
The Rise and Fall of Versailles <M15+> (Sep 2013)
Shane Delia's Spice Journey Series 1
<PG> (Sep 2013)
National Geographic The Science of Cats and Dogs
(Aug 2013)
Trek Nation Special Edition
(Aug 2013)
Who Do You Think You Are Series 5
<M15+> (Aug 2013)
Megafactories Aviation Wonders
<E> (Aug 2013)
Pain, Pus & Poison
<M15+> (Aug 2013)

Documentary Reviews

A Complete History of My Sexual Failures <R18+>
A Very British Gangster <MA15+>
A Very Short War <PG> (May 2011)
The Abbey <PG>
About Face: Supermodels Then and Now <M15+> (May 2013)
Africa - Eye to Eye with the Unknown
<G> (Mar 2013)
Ai Weiwei: Never Story <M15+> (Jan 2013) 
Alien Deep with Bob Ballard <E> (Jan 2013)
All apologies Kurt Cobain <M15+>
American Before Columbus <M15+> (Nov 2010)
American Chopper Senior vs Junior Season Two Collection 1
American Chopper vs Junior Season 3 <PG> (Jan 2013)
America's Hardest Prisons Gang Central <M15+> (Sep 2011)
American Restoration Collection One <PG> (Jan 2013) 
Ancient Aliens Season 3 <PG> (Feb 2013)
Ancient Egypt Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings
Ancient Megastructures <G> (March 2010)
Ancient Megastructures the Complete Series <E> (Sep 2010)
Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens <PG>
Apocalypse The Second World War <M15+> (August 2012)
Arctic Tale <G>
Babies <G> (Sep 2011)
Banged Up Abroad: Busted in Bali <MA15+> (Jul 2013)
Battles B.C.: The Complete Season One
<M15+> (August 2010)
Battle of Britain <PG> (May 2011)
Being Elmo a Puppeteer's Journey <G> (Sep 2012)
Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story <MA15+> (Mar 2011)
Billy the Kid <PG>
Bomboro the story of Australian Surfing
Bonhoeffer <PG> (Dec 2010)
Bra Boys <MA15+>
Breaking the Ice
Brew Masters Season One <PG> (July 2011)
Bridge, The <MA15+>
British Isles - A Natural History <G>
Britain's Greatest Machines Series 1
<PG> (Oct 2011)
Britain's Greatest Machines Series 2
<PG> (Jan 2011)
The Buddha - The Story of Siddhartha <G> (Sep 2011)
Buck <PG> (August 2012)
Cake Boss Season Two <PG> (July 2011)
Captain Cook Obsession and Discovery <G>
Catalyst the Brain Issue <G> (April 2012)
Collectors Obsessions <PG>
Collector's Time Warp <PG>
Constentino the Grand Illusionist <M15+> (Feb 2013)
Cosmos Carl Sagan
<E> (Dec 2010)
Celluloid Closet, The <M15+>
Charley Booman's Extreme Frontiers - South Africa <PG>
Chopper Rescue <M15+> (Jan 2011)
Clarkson Shoot-Out
(Jan 2010)
The Colony Season One <M15+> (May 2011)
Comic-com Episode IV: A Fan's Hope <M15+> (Dec 2012) 
The Dark Ages
<M15+> (March 2012)
Darwin's Lost Paradise (November 2009)
Death of the Megabeasts (Feb 2010)
The Decisive Battles of the Ancient World <M15+> (March 2012)
Destination Forks: The Real World of Twilight <G> (Mar 2011)
Dogfights the Complete Season One

Dinosaurs on Ice <M15+>
Eames: The Architect and the Painter <M15+> (Nov 2012) 
East of Ipswich <M15+> (Sep 2010)  
Elegant Universe, The <G>
Empire of the Word <M15+> (July 2010)
Empires - Egypt's Golden Empire <PG>
Empires - Islam - Empires of Faith <PG>
Empires - Peter & Paul and the Christian Revolution <G>
Empires - Napoleon <G>
Empires - Queen Victoria's Empire
Empires - The Medici - Godfathers of the Renaissance <G>
Empires - The Roman Empire in the First Century
Empires - The Greeks Crucible of Civilization <PG>
The English Surgeon <G>
Exit Through the Gift Shop <M15+> (Dec 2010)
The Fabric of the Cosmos <G> (June 2013)
The Face of Tutankhamun <G>
Faces of America
<G> (Jan 2011)
Farinelli: Il Castrato <M15+> (Nov 2012) 
Fetish - Pleasure or Pain? <MA15+>
First Light <M15+> (May 2011)
Food Safari 3 <G>
Francesco's Venice <PG>
Freakonomics <M15+> (Nov 2011)
Gallipoli Submarine <MA15+>
Garbage Warrior <M15+>
George Harrison Living in the Material World <M15+> (Dec 2011)
Gestapo Hitler's Secret Police <M15+> (May 2013)
Global Metal <M15+>
Go Back To Where You Came From <M15+> (Oct 2011)
Go Back Where You Came From Season 2 <M15+> (Dec 2012) 
Good Chef Bad Chef Series 1 & 2 <G> (Feb 2011)
Great Journeys <PG> (Feb 2011)
The Great Rift <G> (June 2011)
Glass: A Portrait of Philip in Twelve Parts <PG>
Gonzo: the Life and Works of Dr. Hunter Thompson
Great Festivals <M15+> (Dec 2010)
Great Raids of World War II <PG>
Great SAS Missions <M15+>
Great Southern Land <G> (Dec 2012) 
Grizzly Man <M15+> (Dec 2011)
Helen of Troy the Facts behind the Face <PG>
Heroes of Aviation <PG>
Herod's Lost Tomb <E> (November 2010)
The Hitler Collection <M15+> (July 2011)
How Arnold Won the West <PG>
How to Build a Human: The Future of Being
<PG> (May 2010)
Humanimal <G> (June 2010)
Humpbacks from Fire to Ice <G>
The Hunt for Hitler <M15+> (April 2012)
In Love with Adolf Hitler <M15+>
In the footsteps of Alexander the Great <PG>
In the Shadow of the Moon <G>
Infamous Victory - Ben Chifley's Battle for Coal <M15+>
Inside Job <PG> (July 2011)
Inside World War II <M15+> (Jul 2013)
The Invocation <PG> (Sep 2011)
Hitler and Mussolini a Fateful Relationship <M15+> (Nov 2010)
Hitler's Body Guard
(Jan 2010)
Human Weapon complete Season One
(Dec 09)
IRT Deadliest Roads Season 2 <PG> (July 2012)

Is your house killing you? <G>
Inside Talibanistan <M15+> (Dec 2010)
The Highlands Trilogy the Complete Collection - First Contact, Joe Leahy's
March of the Dinosaurs <PG> (July 2011)
Neighbours and Black Harvest <M15+>
James May's 20th Century <PG>
Journey in Italy (Director's Suite) <PG>
Ken Burns' the Civil War: A Very Bloody Affair <G>
King Arthur and Medieval Britain <M15+> (March 2012)
Life <E> (Sep 2010)
Life in a Day <PG> (March 2012)
The Life Series - Life at 1 2 3 <G>
Life After People <G>
Louis Theroux Law and Disorder <M15+> (November 2010)
Louis Theroux the Odd, the Bad and the Godly <M15+>
Looking for Richard <M15+>
The Long March to Freedom <M15+> (August 2012)
Made in Chicago: The Barrack Obama Story <G>
Man vs. Wild Complete Season 1 <PG> (May 2011)
Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present <MA15+> (May 2013)
Marley <M15+> (Sep 2012)
Martin Clunes: A Man and his Dogs
<PG> (Sep 2010)
Mawson life and death in Antarctica <M15+>
Megafactories Aviation Wonders <E> (Aug 2013)
Menzies and Churchill at War <PG>
The Meerkats
Meerkat Manor the Story Begins
Mexican Border Wars Season One <M15+> (Aug 2011)
Michael Palin - Pole to Pole <G>
Miracle on Everest - Lincoln Hall's Return from the Dead <PG>
Modern Sniper <PG> (Aug 2011)
Monarchy the Complete Third Series <PG>
Monash the Forgotten Anzac <PG>
Mother of Rock: The life and Times of Lillian Roxon <M15+>
Myth Busters Season 5 <PG> (July 2011)
Naked on the Inside <M15+>
National Geographic 125th Anniversary Collection <M15+>
National Geographic: Churchill's German Army
(Sep 2010)
National Geographic: the Devil's Bible <M15+> (May 2011)
National Geographic: Egyptian Secrets of the Afterlife
National Geographic: Journey to Shark Eden
<E> (Sep 2010)
National Geographic: King Tut's Curse <PG> (Mar 2011)
National Geographic: My Brilliant Brain
<E> (Dec 2010)
National Geographic: Shark Men <M15+> (Feb 2011)
National Geographic: Journey to Europa <G> (June 2011)
National Geographic The Science of Cats and Dogs (Aug 2013)
National Geographic: Titanic's Nuclear Secrets
<G> (Jan 2011) 
National Geographic: Tales from the Tomb <M15+> (May 2011)
The New Inventors - Save Water <M15+>
Overhaulin' the Pimped Out Collection <PG> (Feb 2011)
Pain, Pus & Poison <M15+> (Aug 2013)
The People vs. George Lucas <M15+> (March 2012)
Perfect Disaster
Places We go - Africa <G>
Places We go - Antarctica
Places We go - Ecuador <G>
Places We go - High Arctic
Places We go - India
Places We go - Peru
Places We go - Jordan
(June 09)
The Prime Minister is Missing <OG>
Philosophy: A Guide to Happiness <G>
Planet Dinosaur <PG> (Jan 2013) 
Planet Egypt <PG> (Dec 2011)
Power and Passion: The Technology of Orgasm
Project Nim <M15+> (Feb 2012)
The Real Face of Jesus? <PG> (Dec 2011)
Religious <MA15+> (June 2010)
Restrepo <MA15+> (Feb 2011)
Revelations of the Pyramid <G> (Nov 2011)
The Rise and Fall of Versailles <M15+> (Sep 2013)
Rocket Compulsion <PG> (May 2011)
Rogue Nation
Rome the Last Frontier <M15+> (July 2011)
SAS the Search for Warriors <M15+> (Sep 2011)
Scrapheap Challenge - Jet Racers and Other Challenges <G>
Scrapheap Challenge: Jet Racer and Other Challenges
(Sep 09)
Searching for Sugar Man <M15+> (Apr 2013)
The Secrets of SEAL Team Six
Send a Bullet
The Seven Ages of Britain <E> (Dec 2010)
Seven Deadly Sins <M15+> (Jan 2012)
Seven Wonders of the Industrial World <E>
Shane Delia's Spice Journey Series 1 <PG> (Sep 2013)
Sharkwaters <PG>
Sleek Geeks <PG>
Sleek Geeks Series Two
<PG> (Jan 2011) 
Stalingrad the 3 Part Documentary
<M15+> (October 2010)
Status Anxiety <G>
Stephen Fry in America
Stephen Hawking's Universe
<PG> (Sep 2010)
Stress Portrait of a Killer <E> (October 2010)
The Sun / The Moon <G>
The Search for the Northwest Passage <G>
Sex in the Bush <G>
Sicko <PG>

Silence in the House of God <M15+> (Sep 2013)
Snake Underworld with Henry Rollins
<M15+> (Dec 2011)
Something Unknown <PG> (Sep 2011)
Style Wars <M15+>
The Story of the Melbourne Cup - Australia's Greatest Race

Surviving 9/11 <M15+> (May 2011)
Swamp People Season 1 <PG> (Dec 2011)
Ten Pound Poms <PG>
Treasures of the Silk Road <G>
Trek Nation Special Edition (Aug 2013)
Two in the Top End <PG>
Tyson - The Rise of Iron Mike (Raw & Uncut) <E> (Aug 2011)
The Universe the Complete Season One <e>
The Universe the Complete Season 5 <G> (Dec 2011)
The Unknown War <M15+> (Oct 2012) 
War in HD the Complete Collection <MA15+> (May 2013)
Warlords <PG>
Warriors: Heroes and Villains
<MA15+> (August 2010)
Waste Land <M15+> (May 2012)
Water Life <G> (Dec 2010)
Weird or What? With William Shatner <PG> (Feb 2011)
Wendy Harmer's Stuff <PG>
Wild China <G>
The White Planet <PG>
Who do you think you are? Series Two
(November 2009)
Who Do You Think You Are Series 5 <M15+> (Aug 2013)
William S. Burroughs: A Man Within
<M15+> (Sep 2011)
Wildest Africa <PG> (August 2012)
World at War: Hitler to Hiroshima <M15+> (Nov 2010)
The World at War - The Ultimate Restored Edition <E>
World Rally Racing - Crashes <PG>
World War II in Colour
<M15+> (Dec 2010)

Archived Reviews

11'09"01 September 11 <M15+>
The Big Wet <G> 
BBC Wildlife Specials: Eagle <G> 
BBC Wildlife Specials: Tiger <G> 
Bowling for Columbine <M15+> 
Chlorine: A Pool Skating Documentary <M15+> 
Cricket in the 70's: The Chappell Era
Crocodile Hunter, The Vol. 1
Crocodile Hunter, The Vol. 2
Crocodile Hunter, The Vol. 3 <G>
Crocodile Hunter, The Vol. 4 <G>
Crocodile Hunter, The Vol. 5 <G>
Crocodile Hunter, The Vol. 6 <G>
A Decade Under the Influence <G>
Discovery Channel: Age of Terror <E>
Discovery Channel: American Commandos <E>
Discovery Channel: Extreme Machines - Choppers <E>
Discovery Channel: Motorcycle Mania <E>
Discovery Channel: US Navy Seals <PG>
Dynasties <PG>
Empires: Egypt's Golden Empire <E>
Empires: Japan - Memoirs of secret Empire <E>
Far Shore, The <E>
Fields of Armour Vol. 1 <E>
Fields of Armour Vol. 2 <E>
Film Australia's Outback <PG>
Frontiers of Flight Vol. 1 <E>
Frontiers of Flight Vol. 2 <E>
Frontiers of Flight Vol. 3 <E>
The Future is Wild: 5 Million Years <E>
Genius: Leonardo Da Vinci <PG>
The Great Commanders Volume 1 <G>
The Horse Handler <PG>
Journeys to the Ends of the Earth Volumes 1 - 3 <PG>
Legends of Steam: The Flying Scotsman <G>
The Life of Mammals <PG>
Live Forever: The Rise and Fall of Brit Pop <M15+>
The Platypus: World's Strangest Animal <PG>
The Real Middle-Earth (Lord of the Rings) <G>
Russian Ark (History of Russian Art) <G>
The Roman Empire in the First Century <E>
Sex with Strangers <R18+>
Tic Tac 2 Heelflip: Australia's Skateboarding History <M15+>
The Unnatural History of the Cane Toad/ The Natural History of the Chicken <PG>
Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes <R18+>
When Dinosaurs Roamed <E>
Wild Australasia <E>
Wild Weather <E>
Wings Over Vietnam Volume 1 <E>
Wings Over Vietnam Volume 2 <E>
Wings Over Vietnam Volume 3 <E>


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