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Resident Evil Revelations PS3 Review - -
Resident Evil Revelations
Reviewed by
James Wright
Resident Evil Revelations PS3 Review. With a brilliant musical score, Resident Evil Revelations is the perfect distraction for gamers who are waiting on the next AAA title.

Gameplay 8.5
Graphics 7.0
Sound 8.0
Value 8.7
Publisher: CAPCOM
Rating: MA15+
Review Date: May 2013
James Wright


Resident Evil Revelations

While home console owners have gotten a raw deal with some of the latest games in the Resident Evil franchise, 3DS owners were treated to something special last year. The game in question was Resident Evil Revelations that was a missing chapter between Resident Evil 5 and 6. The story of Revelations began on the ghost ship of Queen Zenobia as players took control of Jill Valentine who was ordered to find her two missing team members.

However, in classic Resident Evil fashion, things never go according to plan. Fans of the series will also be pleased that you can play as other characters from the series such as Chris and Jessica. Not only did this game move back to a simpler time but was easily the best Resident Evil game in quite some time, especially with the tweaks on the 3DS. Fortunately the developers knew that they were onto a winner and now PS3 (Reviewed) and XBox 360 owners can experience this revamped and deliciously evil 3DS port.  

In terms of controls, Resident Evil Revelations has been well mapped on the DualShock controller and is considerably smoother than the 3DS incarnation, even though it boasted the Circle Pad Pro. As you use the analog stick to control your character in the gaming world and use your shoulder buttons to shoot and scan the environment, everything feels quite fluid. My only gripe is that the game feels linear in where you can explore as the developers have strategically placed boxes and other items in your way, which creates this almost cattle dog approach to gaming.

There is a HUD map in the top right hand corner of the screen but it still feels like the game is telling you where to go… in addition, when will the developers allow me to jump or even better, an open world Resident Evil game? I think Tomb Raider has spoilt me, although Jill Valentine would definitely give Lara Croft a run for her money! The game is also broken into around 12 chapters with certain objectives that must be completed before you can move on. The save system works well and the missions can be quite frightful at times.  

Next time zip-up Rachel before going into battle!

With that said, the atmosphere behind Resident Evil Revelations pays homage to the original games and due to the limited amount of ammunition, the game can be quite nerve racking to play, especially when you realise you have just wasted your last bullet. Fleeing is sometimes an option or you can engage your enemies with melee combat, provided you have timed it correctly. There are variety of difficulty levels and I must admit that the highest difficulty level is insanely hard, especially in terms of combat.

However nothing is more satisfying than aiming your gun at the head of your enemy and then managing to get a row of headshots to incapacitate your foe. Apart from combat, you need to use your scanner to look for items which is similar to detective vision from Batman Arkham Asylum. It's quite cool, although a little fiddly to use at times but you are awarded health when you scan your dead enemies. Guns however are the key to surviving Revelations and players can upgrade these items for additional grunt. Even though the gaming is a little dated, it's still such a blast to play even with the linear gameplay and missing jump button.

Unlike the 3DS version, the graphics are next-gen console worthy and is on par to some current PS3 releases. From lush cinematics to detailed in-game graphics, Resident Evil Revelations looks great on the PS3, especially the character model of Jill who is not only oozing with sex appeal but moves with a human-like grace. Enemies are equally as detailed and when you shoot your guns at them, you can see blood and body parts fall away. The environments, even the outdoor areas truly enhance the gameplay and whether it’s the apocalypse-tarnished beach at the start of the game or the cramped corridors, everything comes together perfectly.

Another highlight from the 3DS which thankfully made the transition to the PS3 are the recaps of the game when you return to your save. These "Previously on Resident Evil Revelations" moments help recap the player on what has happened since they last played and serve as a handy reminder on what to do next. Once you have finished the story or if you want a break from the campaign, the game does contain a fun co-op mode called Raid. This allows players to team up together and take on the world of monsters in pure George Romero zombie fashion. Although not as memorable as the campaign, it does give you a great distraction.  

Final Thoughts? 

In the end, Resident Evil Revelations is one of the best Resident Evil releases for the home console that offers players around 10 hours of addictive and adrenaline pumping moments in the campaign mode. Although the story is clichéd and the voice acting is sometimes over the top, Revelations has enough grunt to keep fans of this series and the genre happy. The gameplay is a little dated, especially considering it came from the 3DS but the story and atmosphere more than make up for this. With a brilliant musical score, Resident Evil Revelations is the perfect distraction for gamers who are waiting on the next AAA title.



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