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Fuse PS3 Review - -
Reviewed by
Ryan Adams
Fuse PS3 Review. My final thoughts of the game are... Pick up something better. There are way better titles that do this sort of gameplay all day long even in the bargain bin.

Gameplay 3.0
Graphics 2.0
Sound 6.0
Value 2.0
Distributor: EA
Rating: MA15+
Review Date: June 2013
Ryan Adams


Available on PS3 (Reviewed), PC & XBox 360

In 2011 EA showed off a game called Over Strike, it looked like they had made a Stallone movie into a game with all the B grade action to tag along with it. Cocky dudes, big robots, fun weapons over the top action galore. For some reason between then and now EA decided to change major aspects of Overstrike and add an alien theme to it. Now we have the retitled Fuse. An uninspired piece of boredom packed into a 6 hour game that most will trade in after one play through.

I implore you to check out the original trailer for this game found here.

Now check out the new game trailer

So which game did you want to play?

If like many of us you say you want to play OverStrike? Well tough luck that game is no more you now get to play the off track version that I would describe as the Transmorphers version of Transformers.

Some of what you see in the Overstrike Trailer is now missing from the final game. The cartoony theme character art style, the Han Solo Esq. Dalton...Well technically he is still here, some what, just not as funny or witty. Gone is in-depth hand to hand combat. Missing is the over the top blow away dudes left right and center, replaced by a more cover based system with enemies having a much longer health bar. You win some, you lose some. That game is gone. Letís get into FUSE

Fuse, is a four-person co-op shooter set in the future, that puts players in control a rag tag bunch of Black Ops agents called Overstrike 9. The team, Dalton Brooks, Naya Deveraux, Jacob Kimble and Izzy Sinclair, Each with their own and very unique weapon with its own attributes that can be leveled up and become some seriously head crushing guns.

The team is sent on a mission to investigate and potentially destroy a top secret government weapons lab called Hyperion. Upon investigating they uncover a mysterious alien substance called Fuse which has been made into weapons that your team acquires. Raven, a deadly militia interrupts your mission and claims the fuse substance. You must hunt down Raven like dogs so you can destroy what is in their possession.

Most of the game is spent taking on hordes of Raven Soldiers; that only have a few different classes throughout the game. The regular Joe soldier, the mech suit solider named the Enforcer, his twin brother with different weapons aka Lead foot and then other forgotten twin with different paint coat called Lead fire.

Oh and one more thing to dampen the game that little bit more, Insomnia planned this game to be a Co-Op shooter. While youíre free to play Fuse by your very lonesome and the game does offer a awesome ďleapĒ button so you can utilize all the characters and their unique weapons but Insomnia made Fuse so you would play with friends or Co-op online, but the truth isÖ no one is ever playing Fuse. So itís stupidly hard to find those selected few stranded players that are in the same situation you are in... When you do though, thatís where the game really shines. Working as a team I found that we could split up a bit more, flank enemies and get to the goal much faster and more efficient. The game play is basically the same but playing with friends is always a better game. Daltonís ďMag ShieldĒ is made for co-op itís a gun that basically sends out a massive shield that the team can get cover from and still shoot through so it makes picking off Ravens a real treat.

Each character has its own skill tree that can be upgraded with the in game points system offering upgraded weapons and increased damage but unfortunately it doesnít really add anything to the game and your primary weapon doesnít change, so you are stuck with everything you started with for the rest of the game.

Fuseís game play aspects really had some good ideas. I like that you could leap from character to character in single player. I liked some of the guns in Co-Op but none of which carries enough substance if the final game is lack luster. It doesnít help that I was originally served up a game 2 years ago that had more outlandish characters and a heavily stylized look. My opinion on the late change and delayed shipping of the final game was more then likely because the team at Insomnia was going for such a fresh look but with the games market being such an unsure market at the moment EA might have seen this unique look a bit more of a risk. But then again Fuse didnít get any advertisement or full blown release here in Australia. Which makes me question did they know that the game was going to tank.... Probably...

Graphics and Audio

Well they look awesome for PS2 but isnít this the PS3 arenít we past bland colours and steel walls. There is really nothing to this game. The levels all look the same. The characters and enemies all blend into the background so itís hard to tell whatís what from blocky objects that surround them. At this point no one cares. 

Final Level.

My final thoughts of the game are... Pick up something better. There are way better titles that do this sort of gameplay all day long even in the bargain bin.


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