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Gameplay 7.0
Graphics 7.0
Sound 7.0
Value 6.9
Distributor: Mindscape
Review Date: March 2010
Eddie Millarion


Wipeout – The Ultimate Red Ball Challenge

It must be the year of TV shows to games! We’ve seen Survivor, Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader and even How I met your Mother. That’s right, is no premise sacred anymore? Actually, I lied about “How I met your Mother” but in today’s day and age, it wouldn’t surprise me. Even Prison Break is a game now! Of course if there's an element of movement (e.g. sports), than the transfer is generally better and this is where Wipeout – The Ultimate Red Ball Challenge comes into the picture.

Based based on the outrageous extreme sports TV game and unlike some of the other games, the Wii is probably the best console to attempt to replicate this game as players compete in a variety of mini-games in order to become the ultimate Wipeout champion, just like TV. Featuring three modes of play, single and multiplayer, Wipeout is an interesting game that works on some levels and fails on others. With that said, the game is rated G and even though older gamers may enjoy some of the games, younger gamers will definitely be in Wii movement heaven.

Using the same premise from the TV series, players compete in a variety of challenges (Qualifier, Round 1 - 3 & Wipeout Zone) in order to become the winner and take home the virtual jackpot. Best of all, the games are taken straight from the TV series which is kind of amusing as you attempt to dodge a giant arm which pushes you into the water or mechanical boxing gloves, it comes together quite well in terms of mimicking the real show.

If you do manage to beat the qualifier and various game rounds, you’ll then face-off in the Wipeout Zone which looks like an apocalyptic game show as you dodge, jump and shake your Wii controllers through these strange mini-games.  On paper, Wipeout sounds like the perfect game, however not all the challenges in the game are fun or easy to use with the controller and a little bit of polishing would have helped move the game from “another” Wii Sports clone to something entirely different.

In terms of controls, the Wiimote and the Nunchuk are used to assist the players in this virtual Wipeout tournament and like most mini-game titles, the different games in the game range from fun to horrendous and even Wii Sports and Wii Resort suffers from this. Though the game can be played solo (yawn), it does support up to four players via multiplayer as you players select their characters and compete in the virtual TV show.

As you progress in the game, you are awarded medals which can then be used to access other games or challenges. This does give the player some incentive to play as well. If you’re feeling a little creative, you can even mix and match the various challenges in the game to create your own Wipeout TV show. With the basics, the Nunchuk is used to control your Avatar in the world of Wipeout with the Wiimote used for some of the motion sensitive games. Just be warned that you need to use both to beat the game. Needless to say, the game does get a little physical at times which is good in our books.

Graphically, the title looks like a Wii title and even though the backgrounds are rather simplistic, the characters and obstacles are detailed enough, albeit a little cartoony. The animation is a little rigid at times and the cutscenes manage to push the game along, it does the job, however it’s missing some panache or spark which the TV series has.  

In terms of sound, the sound effects are great and even some of the voice acting, however the commentary is very dry and lacklustre, unlike the US TV series or even that horrible Australian version. Even so, it does manage to come together and when you see or hear the game, you will immediately think Wipeout! Of course, it helps that the catchy Wipeout theme is part of the game as well… and now it’s stuck in my head, ARGHH!

Final Thoughts? Wipeout – The Ultimate Red Ball Challenge  manages to replicate the TV series, however some of the challenges feel a little boring to play, especially if you’re playing the game by yourself. Of course in multiplayer, it does give a better sense of achievement, especially when you trounce your friends or partner but maybe that’s my evil streak. I’m a fan of the Wii but at times, some of the games have a lack of thought behind them and unfortunately Wipeout at times, borders on this. It’s not bad but it’s not good either. It's more suited for the younger gamer.


  • All the official rules, obstacles and format of the TV show
  • 4 rounds as on the TV Show – Qualifier, Round Two, Round Three (round to the final 4) and the Round Four (the “Wipeout Zone”)
  • All the hilarious obstacles – Big Red Balls, Sucker Punch, Sweeper, Dizzy Dummies, Dreadmill, “Wipeout Zone”
  • A selection of contestants to choose from including the show-off, comedian or aggressor
  • Gameplay focuses on the intuitive use of the Wiimote and Nunchuck controllers
  • Spectacular and dynamic falls!
  • Create your own Wipeout show by selecting your favourite obstacles
  • 3 Modes of Play
  • Solo – beat single-minded contestants and experience the thrill of the show at home!
  • Multiplayer – challenge your friends, trick them and win the Wipeout title! Up to 4 players
  • My WIPEOUT Show – create your own show by picking your favourite obstacles !


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