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Gameplay 7.0
Graphics 8.0
Sound 7.5
Value 7.0
Distributor: THQ
James Wright


Marvel Super Hero Squad

As the world of comicbook heroes become more and more popular in both the movies and video games, the Nintendo Wii sometimes misses out on these blockbuster games but fortunately the Marvel Super Hero Squad has flown onto this console as gamers control a variety of Marvel Universe comicbook character.

From Iron Man to the Hulk, this game contains a variety popular super hero characters and of course super villains who generally, always manage to fail, thanks to the heroics of these men and women. However the twist to this game is that players can either be heroes or villains which does make for some fun gameplay, albeit more aimed at the younger market. In other words, old fuddy duddy gamers best stay clear of this kid's title!

  • Choose Your Epic Battles - Whether your squad is fighting through six extensive campaigns in adventure mode with up to 2 players, or involved in intense action with up to 4 players in battle mode, it will be a fight to the finish.
  • Unleash Your Inner Hero or Villain - Save the city… or destroy it! With the ability to play as heroes or villains, the choice is yours. Mix and match heroes and villains in your squad and use their own unique powers for good or for evil.
  • Attack and Defend with Signature Superhero Moves & Weapons - With great power comes great… attack moves! Smash, bash and zap your opponents! Create your own combos using the unique powers of each Marvel character. Use the Wii Remote to swirl up a storm or flick a web as you become your favorite superhero or villain.
  • Dynamic Environments - Watch out for seemingly ordinary elements of the environment because there’s more than meets the eye! Battle arenas are equipped with triggers

The story of Marvel Super Hero Squad revolves around the heroes stopping Dr. Doom as his legion are after the hidden infinity fractals which are fragmented across the planet. By finding these fragments, it effects the bearer with super powers.

As the story has been targeted towards the younger gamer due to the interpretation of the characters as they are more instinctive then reactive, it's actually fun take on this comicbook world. With this in mind, the game doesn't attempt to be the next Batman Arkham Asylum but rather takes a different, less serious and light hearted approach to the world of Marvel comics, perhaps to a more simpler time.

The game also accompanies you with another superhero as you the explore the gaming world and thankfully this can be interchanged with another player that does make for some fun times as for older gamers, the story does become a little blasé.

Not to be mistaken with Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Marvel Hero Squad still follows a similar vein as players control their superhero avatars as they use their superpowers to defeat an almost unending parade of enemies and in most instances, it's generally with your fists. Of course, smashing up hundreds of robot's is what superheroes are made for!

At it's core, Marvel Super Hero Squad is a fighting game as gamers beat the absolute living daylights out of their enemies but because you're good and their bad, it's generally considered okay. But then again, this game allows you to experience the other side as well.

In terms to the control system of the game, it actually works quite well with wireless controllers of the Wiii and although the learning curve is low, the game is a fun button masher with superpowers thrown in for good measures. Control wise, you basically have have two buttons, A for close attacks (punches) and B for ranged attacks, however you can create some interesting combinations by combing them together.

Apart from the main adventure mode in the title, the game contains an almost Super Smash Bros. experience that allows you battle up to 3 players or AI controlled characters which is truly a Battle Royale. Like Mortal Kombat, it even includes a finishing move and the innovative control system of the Wii is actually taken into consideration for this mode of play. Needless to say, depending on which hero or villain you're fighting, it does take some skill to defeat more powerful characters, especially if you're limited but it's all part of the challenge.

Although only a set number of heroes are available during the start of the game, as you progress, additional characters will be available as they become unlocked. Being a comic geek to the Marvel Universe, there are some great surprises as to what characters were featured in this game, besides the more popular icons and does pay homage to the roots of the Marvel comicbooks.

Graphically, the title is visually a good looking game on the Nintendo Wii with well modeled characters that is oozing with Saturday cartoon fun and is reminiscent of the animation of the Avengers cartoon. Although the environments are well designed and there's some nice looking special effects in the game, one issue with the graphics is the camera angle that unfortunately has a mind of its own and does at times hamper with the gameplay.

This becomes more of a problem when a second player joins you.  If you can get yourself past this, then you'll probably enjoy this tale of heroes versus villains. There are even some interesting cutscenes to assist with the story of Marvel Super Hero Squad which helps break up the monotony of the gameplay. Add in some over the top voice acting and an almost rock like soundtrack, it nicely rounds out this title

In conclusion Marvel Super Hero Squad is a fun kid's game that doesn't try to rewrite the genre but creates an interesting attempt at another market which THQ should be thanked for because not all gamers are in their 20's and beyond. It's cute, it's fun and it's clobbering time!


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