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Gameplay 8.7
Graphics 9.0
Sound 9.0
Value 8.8
Distributor: THQ
James Wright


Epic Mickey

When I first heard about this game, I was a little apprehensive and in the past, there have been a few Disney games that have really missed the mark. However in 2010, something changed and all the Disney games have actually been relatively quite enjoyable like Toy Story 3. But then we all know that movie games are generally not the best titles in the gaming world.

So here we are with Epic Mickey that in my opinion is quite "epic" and really pays homage to the Mickey Mouse of yesterday with some great references and scenes from key moments of Mickey history. This single-player game has the gamer controlling Mickey as he has been teleported into an alternate Disney universe called the Cartoon Wasteland. This is world is quite creepy or Tim Burton-like, thanks to gaming god creator Warren Spector, the master behind this game.

So why does the big bad want Mickey there? This is not Mr. Spector but rather a mad scientist for your records! The answer is you just have to play to find out but let's just say that Mickey's adventure in this strange world is one of wonder and enjoyment. There are a few cameos in this game that include Oswald the Rabbit, Walt Disney's first cartoon character and even a relative of Mickey who is a very angry little mouse.

Nonetheless, the Cartoon Wasteland is a very dark place and although the gameplay may appear to be just another action-platforming game, it's actually more advanced because Mickey must turn this world from dark to light with the power of colours... more specifically paint and paint thinner. Interesting enough, it's up to Mickey to how much "colour" he wishes to put back into this world or ultimately leave it grim. This is very unusual for a Disney game because Mickey is not just black and white... Uhmmm... you know what I mean.

As you explore the Cartoon Wasteland, you must engage in a variety of quests and sub quests. When you do encounter NPC's in the game, sometimes there is a choice in how you will deal with the situation that is generally a good option or "naughty" option. I'm actually surprised Disney allowed for a Fallout type morality system to be employed. But remember even though the game is dark, it only has a PG rating so the magic of Mickey Mouse remains intact.

Although the game is 3D, certain sections in the game require Mickey to transcend to what appears to be a 1930's cartoon and the game then becomes a 2D platformer which looks really cool. Remember Steamboat Willie? Not the Simpsons version but the Disney one... you'll be visiting this cool world. These 2D versions are like the classic 2D games such as Super Mario as you bounce and jump to collect items. It even has the old school sound effects and music that I'm still whistling.

The platforming sections are really cool when you're in the 3D world as you jump across floating rocks and fight bosses such as giant shadow creatures as Mickey shoots his magic paint on them. As you do progress, there is some unlockable content to find which is ideally for those perfectionists who want it all. With that, some of the boss battles are quite challenging.

Graphically, for a third party Nintendo game, I haven't seen anything this impressive in an arcade platformer. The backgrounds are well made and there are a variety of amazing locations that you will visit. It is quite a dark game with tones of Steampunk and a very creepy one at that. Add in some great lighting and weather effects and this game is gorgeous.

The paint and paint thinner effects are very cool as well but so is Mickey! It's great to see the "Black and White" areas as you are transported back to a simpler time of Disney.  Just don't get me started with those strange cows!

The soundtrack of Epic Mickey is quite majestic and suits the game well. My favourite tunes are the ones from the classic Mickey sections. They even have those creepy old school sound effects here. All in all, Epic Mickey is a very good looking and sounding game.

We've had some great games this year such as Donkey Kong Country Returns but just remember that there are plenty of other enjoyable Wii titles as well such as Epic Mickey. The developers have done a great job in making this universe quite epic as you attempt to colourise this dull and dark universe. Sent there by a bad scientist, it's once again up to Mickey to save the universe and the game gives the player some power in how this will be done.


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