I haven't played my Nintendo Wii for quite some time now and all it really does these days is gather dust and ever so slightly increase my power bill as it's continuously on standby mode... waiting for some action. The last great game I enjoyed on the Nintendo Wii was House of the Dead Overkill but since then, my PlayStation 3 seems to have become the predominant console and I often think to myself, where have all the good games gone for the Wii?

Thankfully fans of the Wii can now rejoice, especially those gamers who enjoy first person shooters because the highly anticipated sequel to Conduit has arrived and lets just say my cravings have been satisfied! Conduit 2 once again returns to players to protagonist/hero Michael Ford as the sequel takes place from the ending of the original game. Ford is once again chasing the nefarious criminal John Adams through the "conduits" which are portal-type doors as our villain seeks to absolute power from a mysterious alien race. Unfortunately his tampering will threaten humanity and it's up to the player to prevent this and bring Adams to justice.

Even though most veteran gamers will easily be able to polish off this game in around 7 or 8 hours, developers High Voltage Software should be commended in creating an innovative first person shooter on the Wii. There's quite a bit of variety included in Conduit 2 as you traverse the globe hunting for your foe. Fortunately you have a little help from your mentor, Prometheus who creates some much needed banter to a sometimes way too serious genre. That's why Duke Nukem Forever is going to work so well. Even so, the chatter between these two characters is quite entertaining, albeit a little clichéd and forced at times.

There are a variety of different control systems available in Conduit that include the standard wiimote and controller and even the classic controller should you own one of these controllers. More importantly, the game supports the Wii MotionPlus which means considerable more accuracy. Although the single-player game is the primary mode of player, Conduit 2 supports 12 players online and 2-4 player via split screen for both cooperative and competitive combat.

With that said, the controls work quite well, although I must admit the MotionPlus did seem a little too accurate at times but after an hour or so, it became like second nature. As you play the game as a first person shooter, every now and then the developers will up the ante by requiring the gamer to the use the controller in some melee attack that really does wake you up and keep you on the edge of your seat. Needless to say, the controllers, all options work quite well for this game and this game unlike many first person shooters has been designed for the Wii, hence it's great playability.

Combat ranges around medium difficult (e.g. boss battles) and there's plenty of objectives to be found throughout the game to help spice things up. Of course, you cannot beat the sometimes larger than Hollywood boss battles and needless to say, there's plenty of these in the game. Add in unlockable content such as weapons and gear and you could easily play this game another time for more Conduit 2 entertainment.

Multiplayer has this real Goldeneye feel to it and best of all, the split screen works perfectly, especially if you have a large TV. It's still a little small but the maps are perfect and needless to say, we had a blast playing this in the office. Online, however is where the game shines for multiplayer and there's lots of customisation options and gameplay modes to engage in. We had a little bit of lag but overall, we kicked some virtual butt.

Graphically, Conduit 2 is a very good looking game on the Wii with some exceptional level design. The backgrounds are to die for and add in some very cool special effects and you'll have a very enjoyable experience in this virtual world. The enemies have been well designed and thankfully there's quite a bit of variety between enemies so as a player, you won't get bored insufficient variety here. Add in a great soundtrack, professional voice acting (albeit forced) and Conduit 2 comes together rather well.

In the end, I enjoyed Conduit 2 but my only drawback was the game was over before I knew it. Even so, this is the best the Nintendo Wii has to offer in quite some time and if you're needing your first person shooter fix than this is the game to get. It may not break the mould in terms of originality but when it comes to controls and gameplay, Conduit 2 is very sturdy. I'm still stoked at how well the controls worked on the Nintendo Wii. Bring on Conduit 3!