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Gameplay 6.5
Graphics 8.5
Sound 8.0
Value 7.5
Distributor: THQ
Review Date:
June 2005
Edwin Millheim


The Incredibles

Not as incredible as the film, The Incredibles game is still none the less a pleasing distraction when there is nothing else to do.  Heavy Iron Studios worked on the game for THQ and Disney, the result is good amalgamation of a move from point a to point b and beat up everything in your path, to some pretty interesting twists on a racing style gaming.  

The Incredibles are a family of super heroes, and this game gives players the chance to slip on each one of their uniforms and get a taste of what it is like to be an Incredible. The levels of the game are broken up in such a way that each hero ends up being used. So you get to try each Incredible out and see what it may be like to have such powers. 

If there is anything like a leader of the group that would perhaps be the father…Mr. Incredible. He is for the most part invulnerable and has incredible (No pun intended) strength. His levels are pretty straight forward and not very inspiring at all. It’s a lot of get to point A then B figure out a puzzle to get a force shield down so you can advance forward and all the while beating up everyone in your path.  

His wife ElstiGirl, as the name implies can stretch her self and can beat clobber the bad guys from long distance. While it is pretty cool to try out these stretching powers it can be pretty much like Mr. Incredible’s levels…Boring after a while.  The levels do force you to rely on ElstiGirls abilities at stretching. But like Mr. Incredible’s levels it can get a bit repetitive. 

Violet (who I think would have been cool to call Shrinking Violet because she is so shy) has the ability to turn invisible and to generate force shields.  Now it may be just because I am not into using stealth in games too much but I liked Violet’s levels the least. Because of having to be stealthy. Also her powers are rather unpredictable. You never know when her powers are going to fail and some bad guys see you. 

Dash is maybe the most fun to play, just because of the super speeds. His levels are much like a racing game…surprise, surprise. Racing against the clock and dodging obstacles to get to one point to another…I ran into a lot of things during play.  Over and over and over. The trouble is there is never a ten year old around to play these levels when you need them. 

Some of the action in the levels do change up a bit with some rather fun, man the turret shootum ups. I kind of liked those. They offer a nice change of pace for a not so incredible game. 

The sound track is pretty cool and seems to perhaps be borrowed directly from the film. It does a good job at getting you in the mood and keeps things moving nicely. The graphics are pretty well done and keep for the most part on par with the movie. The character all look like they do in the film and the animations looks darn good.  

The game also has a free floating camera much like many games of this sort has, it is not the worst system around but it is not the best one either. In the PS2 version it had a habit of hanging a bit and seemed to slow down at various times. It does the job but some times it is just darn slow when trying to adjust to a better angle. 

The voice acting IN GAME is pretty repetitive as well. While the transitional films seem for the most part taken from the movie itself, one liner deliveries and single word deliveries IN GAME seem to be over used. While not as bad as other games (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comes to mind as a major over user) it can be a bit annoying. 

There are some extras included on the disk such as scenes from the movie, the trailer, but the game is such a short game that there may not be a lot there for any one over ten years old or major hard core fans of the movie and these characters.  The XBOX version boasts some extra downloadable levels for the game using XBOX Live, but is that really enough to merit a purchase at full price for this game? Not really. Catch it when it goes down like 15 to 20 dollars less and then you got your self a nice distraction for about 8 hours if you play it through to finish. Other than that, it may not be worth your while to buy this game. This is a case of try before you buy. 

Have fun, play games.

Edwin Millheim


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