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Gameplay 8.9
Graphics 9.4
Sound 8.7
Value 9.0
Distributor: Sony
Review Date:
July 2005
Andrew B


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Tekken 5

"The definitive fighting games returns and 10 years after its birth, the series is far from retirement!"

Now ten years since the birth of the Tekken legend, the announcement the world has been waiting for is made. A secretive new leader commissions Iron First Tournament 5 and the world's most hardcore hand-to-hand brawler returns to devastate the console fighting seen. The most definitive fighting game of the console age returns in what promises to be one of the most thrilling and entertaining fighting games to date and impulsegamer was on hand to test this theory.

Although Tekken 5 features a plethora of new mini-games, improved gameplay and graphics, the heart of this fighting game is still the Iron Fist tournament that has the player taking on the role of one of the lead characters in the game. As with the previous installments, the gamer must fight a variety of random characters that all lead to the boss character and of course a little bit more information about the character themselves. Once again Namco injects a healthy dose of over the top dialogue and some corny character acting to help immerse the player into the world of Tekken plus some unlockable goodies.

Although the majority of our old favorites return in Tekken 5 such as King, Nina and Law, Namco have also decided to introduce three new completely new characters to the mythos that include Raven, Askua and Fengwei. Raven is based on Wesley Snipes' character from Blade and Demolition Man, Asuka is the super cute school girl cousin of Jin Kazama and Feng is a character shrouded in secrecy who has entered the tournament to find a sacred scroll owned by Misima Zaibatsu himself.

The beauty of the Tekken series is that anyone can pick up a controller and hit on a few techniques to see them through for a while but if you really want to take things serious, the player must memorize a variety of different combinations that will help get them through the Iron Fist tournament. Fortunately these maneuvers can be accessed through the menu system of the game by pushing the pause button whilst in-game. With that said, Tekken 5 should take the master gamer a few hours to master the combinations of their characters that will give you a good solid of around 10 - 15 hours of gameplay, provided you have a few stops along the way.

As mentioned before, Tekken 5 contains a plethora of extras that include some half-hearted entertaining mini-games but what really makes Tekken 5 the price of admission alone is that the original three Tekken games are also included in this bundle. This is a great trip down memory lane and really shows the gamer how far gaming has progressed through the last decade. There is also a game called Devil Within that is an action platformer that also boosts the playability of this title.

The Devil Within puts the gamer in the role of Jin Kazama who tries to uncover his past and learn about the devil gene.  The story takes place in a lab and it is presented in a third-person view.  Jin battles his way through an army of robots on his way to find out the truth.  As he goes along, his Devil gauge will increase.  When this gauge is full, Jin can transform into Devil Jin, where he becomes more powerful but his health declines over time.  Devil Within provides a nice distraction but you won’t find yourself going back to it often.

Graphically, Tekken 5 is a visual treat on the PlayStation 2 and is easily the best if not THE best fighting game on the market (visually) that contains some extremely realistic textures such as skin tones, hair and cloth detail. All the characters have been professionally rendered through an insidious amount of polygons for that extraordinary realism and match that with some beautiful background environments and you have a fighting game made in gamer heaven. Namco have also added a variety of special effects such as realistic fire and mist to help increase the atmosphere of this title.

The musical score of Tekken 5 features a "rock n roll" style of music that goes hand-in-hand with the action of the title and match that with a plethora of sound effects such as kicks, screams, punches and falls and it's almost as if you are watching a real street fight. Each character also has their own professional voice actors that lend to the personas of the fighters.

In conclusion, Tekken fans are in for a real treat with this game that not only prove that PlayStation 2 is still a contender but the world of fighting games has now a new benchmark. The only thing Tekken 5 loses a point for is that online play is not included in this awesome title, however with improved graphics, new gameplay modes and new characters, there is little in Tekken 5 to complain about and I would recommend this title to all lovers of fighting games. Check it out!


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