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Gameplay 8.5
Graphics 8.1
Sound 8.1
Value 8.3
Distributor: Sony
Review Date:
October 2007
James Wright


Rogue Galaxy

Rogue Galaxy (hopefully not) may be the last epic Japanese RPG to hit the PlayStation 2 and begins on the desert planet of Rosa where a young hunter named Jaster is getting by on the rations of the planet's occupiers. One of many planets that have been annexed as a war rages across the galaxy. Jaster dreams of one day exploring the galaxy and visiting exotic planets. Unbeknownst to him destiny is about to kick his door in and make his dreams come true.

One fateful day three strangers change Jaster's life forever. One is a mysterious hunter named Desert Claw, the top hunter in the galaxy  and two space pirates that land on the planet to find him. After fighting alongside this mysterious hunter, Jaster and Desert Claw abruptly part ways  but not before he receives a legendary sword.

The space pirates run into Jaster, just as he prepares to defend his home town from a menacing monster that threatens the residential district. Mistaking this youngster for the real Desert Claw, this weird duo team up with Jaster and help him fend off the monster. After the battle they ask him to join them on their ship, the Dorgengoa where the game starts.


  • Epic 3D Gameplay – More than 100 hours of gameplay are unfolded through five expansive worlds with highly detailed environments and unique, cel-shaded character designs.

  • Multiple Playable Characters – Eight playable characters total, with up to three controllable characters on the screen at the same time.

  • True action-RPG – Rogue Galaxy brings a real-time combat system that provides players the opportunity to customize attacks and switch between multiple characters in mid-battle.

  • Unique ‘Battle Suggestion’ system allows your A.I. controlled allies to recommend specific actions during combat and allows players to issue commands to teammates.

  • Utilize close and long-range weapons and execute special attacks unique to each character, as well as team combo attacks.

  • Ability to Build Special Weapons and Items – Combine different weapons to synthesize more than 500 new weapons. Player can also manufacture specialized and rare items in the * Factory Mode by locating schematics throughout the galaxy.

  • Featured Mini-Games and Side Quests – In addition to solving the mysteries of the epic story, Rogue Galaxy features a number of mini-games and quests to further challenge players.

  • Insectron Tournament – Capture, train, and stage battles using Insectron bugs found throughout the various worlds. Over 120 Insectors can be collected in the game, and players will increase rank and earn prizes by advancing through tournaments.

  • Rare Item Hunt – Search throughout the galaxy for clues to track down rare items. Locating all items provides players with special prizes.

  • Galactic Seven-Star Swords – Follow clues and gather information to collect the set of legendary Seven-Star Swords, considered to be the some of the most powerful weapons in the game.

  • Challenge Battles – Players can add an element of difficulty by completing battles under certain conditions. Successful players can earn hunter coins, which help to upgrade a player’s hunter license and open up additional challenges within the game.

  • More than eight hours of high-quality cut-scenes and cinematics help to drive the coming-of-age story full of action, adventure, and numerous twists that will keep players guessing until the very end.

The first fight is a real-time combat system where Jaster and up to two companions battle it out against a cast of thousands of weird monsters, humanoids and robots. Each character has a melee attack using their weapon of choice and a secondary attack that in most cases consists of some kind of ranged attack. There are of course exceptions to these rules for certain characters who use everything from kung-fu moves to missile racks and beam weapons.

The combat takes place, much like Final Fantasy XII, on the field in real-time. As each battle happens, random enemies and objects appear. The objects can be used to daze opponents by simply hitting them in your target's direction. Players can also lift certain enemies up and throw them for some added damage.

Combat uses action points, which deplete as you use your primary attack. By blocking or holding still your power will replenish and you'll be ready to fight again. For airborne or super huge enemies, players can also leap in the air and attack or use a ranged weapon like a gun.

Guns have a a limit much like melee attacks. The attack system is pretty straightforward to understand but it can be brutal sometimes. Rogue Galaxy certainly is not a game for quitters or those who can't handle sudden and utter defeat. Death happens in role-playing games, and Rogue Galaxy delivers those moments when you least expect them. Perseverance and some tactical thinking are a must in these situations.

Luckily each character has access to a unique set of skills that they can use in battle. Skills are learned by combining items on a skill board not unlike the board system in Final Fantasy XII.

One other thing worth noting is that leveling is pretty easy. As the game progresses you’ll get more playable characters, and though you can only take a couple with you at a time, everyone benefits from level grinding. That’s because everyone in your party gets experience whether they are actively fighting or back in the ship doing nothing.

Graphically, Rogue Galaxy is a visual treat on the PlayStation 2 with its Japanese style of animation and graphic that looks quite decent on this aging console. Add in a variety of special effects and almost cell-shaded characters with an immersive soundtrack and you have a decent presented title.

Although the title tries to do many things that Final Fantasy has done, it works on some parts and fails on others. Nevertheless, Rogue Galaxy is a very good Japanese RPG title on the PlayStation that we could happily recommend to a variety of gamers. Check it out!


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