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Mars War Logs
Reviewed by
Edwin Millheim
Mars War Logs PC Review. Mars: War Logs is worth a go as long as you understand out of the gate itís not a triple -A -title. But as a gamer, a true gamer, you may just find yourself some entertainment here.

Gameplay 7.0
Graphics 6.0
Sound 7.0
Value 7.0
Developer: Spiders
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Rating: MA15+
Review Date: July 2013
Edwin Millheim


Mars War Logs

Smaller publishers remind me of the days when new publishers that eventually turned bigÖhad the gumption to push the envelope a bit. Working out things with limited resources or funds they often put forth games that struck a chord with gamers.

For whatever reason Mars: War Logs makes me feel like itís coming from one of those hungry new developers that have something to throw out into the industry and make a noise. Mars: War Logs when going head to head with some of the bigger developers and publishers seems more like a poor manís answer to Mass Effect. It comes away with a mixed bag of features that if you are not looking for King Lear you may find enough here to keep you entertained amongst the Hodge podge of entertainment values. This sci fi rpg style game has a nice enough mix to it in regards to gaming that players of some of the table top cyberpunk or other sci fi games will find some entertainment here.

Mars: War Logs takes place a century after some world changing event. The red planet is in turmoil and war. Water is now the most prized resource causing out right war for its control. In the middle of all this players start out as a prisoner of war. Shipped off to a POW camp the interactions begin to get rather tense here and it is here that you soon discover this is not a game for kids. When they warn of adult content and sexual innuendos they are not kidding. A young character almost runs afoul of a prison gang in the sand showers; they want to rape the lad. The dialogue is pretty straight forward about it as is the actions of the characters on screen.

The main character is multi skilled and like any good story is soon on a grand adventure. Itís in a world where the outcome really wonít make a huge impact; itís more about making a crap situation into a tolerable one. Along the way players the character is developed more by not only the choices set forth, but also as the players choose different skills and perks to customize the character. There is also a crafting system that allows for creation and modifications of equipment. Early in the game you are able to craft either injections like a health pack, or ammunition which allows the player to create ammo for their weapons.

Under the skill tree there are only a few options to choose to branch from they are Renegade, Combat or Technomancer. Each one has interesting builds offering different play styles and strengths and weaknesses. Every time the character levels up the player will have skill points that they can spend to better the characters abilities. There are also equipment slots; players can customize the looks and stats of equipment for a better overall RPG experience.

The first part of the game is understandably easy, the first encounter acts as a tutorial when you mix it up with some fellow prisoners. Later on the enemy types get much harder to deal with and it takes some strategy to take them on. Depending on your play style there are some sections of the game that stealth comes in handy. You can even go so far as to say stealth is very important in some areas. Trying to max out the renegade skills having to do with stealth is a big help in these sections; especially if the player wants to try their hand at some of those stealth kills.

Story and voice acting are not too bad; they fit the game style well. There are times throughout the story where the character dialogue is cut off, and they do not speak what is painfully obvious the full line they are supposed to speak. So if you run into this, having the sub titles on may be of some assistance. While on this subject in regards to story, avoid the temptation to jump past the story dialogues and cut scenes, a lot of the game is more enjoyable while having the story play out for you. Voice acting I suspect was done more on an individual actor by actor basis, rather than the actors running the scene together and being in the moment. For the most part it sells, itís not stellar voice overs but it is not awful either.

The games controls at first were a cause for frustration. Preset as a game controller mode, I almost did not find the right options section to change it to mouse and keyboard. After that things worked a lot smoother.

Combat in the game comes down to a lot of maneuvering, especially if the player draws the attention of several enemies at once. They will swarm you and attack as they see fit. They wonít line up and come at you in order to make it easy for you. Oh no, some strategy and hit and run tactics are in order here. After taking an enemy out donít forget to search them for useful items.

Graphically some of the game can seem a bit dated but I feel that this is part of the games charms.

Mars: War Logs is worth a go as long as you understand out of the gate itís not a triple -A -title. But as a gamer, a true gamer, you may just find yourself some entertainment here.

Have fun, play games.
Edwin Millheim


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