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Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded
Reviewed by
James Wright
Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded PC Review. Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded is a classic reborn!

Gameplay 7.5
Graphics 8.0
Sound 8.0
Value 8.0
Developer: Replay Games Inc
Rating: Unrated
Review Date: July 2013
James Wright


Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded

A classic reborn!

I remember playing this game when I was a kid, back in 1987 and hoping to see some virtual nudity or sex on the PC. It was a challenge that I vowed to break and funny enough, none of this existed in the game but rather, it was one of the funniest games that I ever played.

Leisure Suit Larry revolved around Larry Laffer (written by video game legend Al Lowe), a man who had absolutely no luck with the ladies. It was probably one of the first games orientated at the adult audience and even though it was a point and click adventure, it featured a very clever and funny protagonist with a healthy amount of innuendo and adult content.

I remember sitting around with my friends on the first level of the game which was the Bar as Larry attempted to bed the first lady in the game. Unfortunately I did not follow the clues and although Larry managed to bed the lady with the classic censored sign being displayed while they had sex, I haphazardly forgot to ensure that Larry wore a condom.

Needless to say, this was a huge mistake and his penis exploded. But ironically this game contained no nudity, no harsh language or even visual sex... ahh... the good old days of PC Games. Just like the original, you need to answer 5 age orientated questions to ensure that you are old enough to play. All I can say is thank god for the internet!

So here we are again, 26 years later that has Replay Games revisiting the original game with Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded that in essence is a remake of the original but with new content, gags and tweaks to the game.

Best of all, this game was achieved through Kickstarter which allowed the company to the raise the much needed funds to make this happen. $500,000 dollars later, they achieved their goal and brought this character back from obscurity with the small minded Larry Laffer in his leisure suit, ready to shock the gaming world again.

Although the game has been dubbed as Reloaded, it plays very similar to the original point and click gaming mechanics. This allows you to move Larry within the screen and then perform a variety of actions such as using his hand, talking or unzipping his pants for example.

Although we reviewed the PC version via STEAM, the game is also available on the iOS which probably plays better than the PC version due to the touch screen. Although the majority of the original game is intact, there are new areas to explore, new puzzles and virtual ladies for Larry and the gamer to interact with. Best of all, it has the blessing of Al Lowe who was consulted in this remake.

from this...

to this!


In terms of story, the premise behind Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded is to help this 40  year old  virgin get laid, it's that simple. There are five sexy ladies that Larry will encounter, however nothing is ever simple with both Larry Laffer and the gamer going through a variety of scenarios, jokes and mishaps in order for his dream to come true.

What makes Larry so enjoyable is the interaction between the characters and the various dialogue options that Larry gets to say. You do need to perform a variety of puzzles and unlike the original game, the narrator is actually voiced which does go hand in hand with the gameplay and the jokes.

In terms of puzzles, Larry must complete a set number of objectives before getting the chance to bed his bevy of beauties and for the most part, the clues are relatively straight forward. If you do mess up a puzzle, the game will reset Larry for the player to try again. There were some moments where I did get stuck and some puzzles have nothing to do with the task at all but this game is all about the humour.

Having played the original, the title is still just as funny 26 years later that had me in hysterics at times. A clever spin on the comedy is that the developers Replay Games Inc have included a variety of new popular culture references into the title that does help in modernising the story.

With the gameplay, there is quite a bit of clicking and exploring but it does pay homage to the original games of yesterday and is actually quite refreshing on the PC in this world of first person shooters, first person shooters, first person shooters and sport games. It is kind of sad that this genre has died as this is what gaming was about in the 80's. Remember Space Quest? Kings Quest? Police Quest? These were the days!


Although the gameplay is dated as are the graphics, there is still something charming about Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded, especially the hand painted graphics. Graphically, the games looks like a cartoon and although a little simplistic at times, it actually suits the premise perfectly, especially the virtually draw women. It's definitely a walk down memory lane.

However where the game does shine is through the audio department due to the voice acting, updated music and clever sound effects. The voice acting really adds to the gameplay, especially the humour that doesn't feel too forced or contrived. It comes together quite well. The only issue with the sound is that the narrator does become a little... okay, very repetitive at times.

Final Level?

In the end, Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded is a fun adult game that not only pays homage to the original but gives the modern gaming community something a little different. Sure it's dated here and there and some of the gags fall a little flat but the writing, characters and some of the puzzles are well crafted that will make you laugh, cry in shock and have a truly enjoyable time from start to finish.

Kudos to both Replay Games Inc and Al Lowe in revitalising this franchise and hopefully we can see a new sequel to the world's most loveable buffoon, Larry Laffer and his hideous white leisure suit. One interesting element of the game is that the story was written when political correctness didn't exist so some female gamers may be offended by the interpretation of the women in this game but hey the same could be said about the male characters.

A classic reborn!


  • Expanded puzzles, locations, and gameplay

  • Gorgeous, all-new high-res 16:9 backgrounds

  • Over 3,000 frames of hand-drawn animation!

  • Sophisticated lighting and spot animations enliven every location

  • Thousands of humorous responses allow Players to enjoy exploring everything onscreen

  • Hilarious branching dialogues with the main characters

  • All-new Vegas-style musical score

  • Fully voiced by the actors who originated the roles

  • Redesigned by Al Lowe and Josh Mandel

  • PC, Mac, iOS, Android



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