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Question's & Answers with actress Milla Jovovich from the ďSummer of SonyĒ International Press Junket - Cancun, Mexico


Q. What were some of the unique challenges of playing ďAliceĒ this time?

A. The training process was a lot harder than ever because I really wanted to lose the mommy baby weight completely. Itís not like I didnít lose it for the last movie but I was still hormonal and when youíre hormonal, you can exercise all day long but your body retains fat and water because itís thinking it has to protect a child and nurse a child. My friend was hormonal for, I think, two years after a baby. I was for three years. We went to Hawaii last January and I had this horrible massage and I couldnít relax and all I could think of was, when is this going to end? [My husbandís] all like passed out. I started thinking, God, youíre just a failure. Look at yourself. You donít even go outside in a bikini; youíre wearing a tee-shirt because youíre embarrassed. The paparazzi might take a picture of you picking something up. What have you turned into? You used to be Maximís sexiest body! What happened to you, Milla? I said, okay. Thatís it. After this massage, youíre going on a diet. Youíre going to the gym. And youíre going to cut your hair. And I left that spa all like [clenches fists] and Paulís like, ďHoney, whatís wrong? You look so focused.Ē I said, ďLook, Iím going to lose weight and Iím going to go on a diet and Iím going to go to the gym and Iím going to cut my hair. But this weekend, Iím going to eat hotdogs and pizza. Then Iím going to have a Korean BBQ. But on Monday, thatís it.Ē And I did it. Literally like that.  

Q. Then did you go looking for photographers?

A. No. No. No. When I look at the pictures of myself back then, itís not even like I wasÖitís more the way you feel when you work on yourself. Thereís a confidence that you have. It doesnít matter whether you look different or not. You feel different. Even though my body didnít look bad, I felt like I wasnít doing anything for myself. So I just felt like a loser because I wasnít putting anything into this great thing thatís given me so much and that I used to be really proud of. I think that disciplineís really important for your confidence. The only way to gain confidence is to work hard, whether itís on yourself or your writing or your acting or your music. Whatever it is, but exercise is for everybody, I donít care if youíre a writer or a doctor. Youíre never going to feel good about yourself if you donít put that work in. 

Q. Is this the first time that youíve felt this way? Or are you usually comfortable with your appearance?

A. At sixteen, I was so horrible. You would have hated me. I was the worst sixteen-year-old you can imagine. So snooty. So, like, ďIím so cool.Ē I would literally look at girls who were twenty-two and be like, ďWhy are you even going out? You should be home having babies.Ē I mean, I was horrible. When I look at interviews with myself between the ages of thirteen and sixteen, I just want to hide in shame because itís just so embarrassing how I think Iím so cool. It took a long time for me to, you know, get over that. 

Q. I hear you daughter is taking Taekwondo. Is she preparing to be an action star, too?

A. I donít know if itís about the action star thing but I have been stretching her since the day she was born so she can do the splits in every direction and the Taekwondo is more for discipline. I donít want her to be a professional Taekwondo-anything because you ruin your body through ballet or being a professional gymnast or professional martial artist. I donít want her to hyperextend and do crazy stuff to her bones and her muscles. Discipline she can use for every area of her life. To know that, when you started, you sucked. Then you worked and you worked and then you did it and now youíre great. That, for me, is a very simple formula that works. To be able to instill that in her Ė that you can do anything, all you need to do is work to achieve it. You want to play guitar? Pick it up. Youíre going to suck and youíre going to have to practice and then, hey, a week later, youíll know how to play a G cord.Ē It really is that simple. She wants to do ballet and she was in a ballet class but it was like a baby class. It was silly. I want her to have a real Russian class. I want the big Russian with the cane. When I did ballet, I had the crazy Russian woman. Trust me, I did not talk back. To have that follow through from an early age will make her somebody who doesnít just have an idea but someone who actually makes that idea reality.  

Q. When do you think as an actor you stopped ďsucking,Ē as you say, and got better?

A. I still suck. Iím not being self-deprecating because I have great moments, too. But I have to work. I was never a natural talent. My mom was a natural talent. She just knew herself. She was just comfortable with her self and expressing herself. Having such a strong mom who was so talented made me very insecure. Itís funny because my daughter will do things in front of my friends or in front of her grandparents but as soon as I walk in she stops. Sheíll be singing songs she hears [me] recording downstairs but as soon as I walk in, sheíll stop singing. Iím like, ďEver, your voice sounds so beautiful.Ē But itís hard because sheís imitating me and if I catch her doing it she gets embarrassed. We have to find something thatís her thing. If I could help her find her passion, she would never have to work because when you love something, itís not work, is it? 

Q. Does she speak Russian?

A. She speaks better than I do because she has the most amazing Russian nanny. When we were in Toronto last year, she went to this incredible Russian school. She was on my level when she was one or two. By three, she was already correcting me. Now when I try and speak Russian to her, sheís like, ďMom, speak English. I donít have time for you to sit and be like, ĎWhat are you sayingí?Ē Sheís a smart cookie. 

Q. When you go to Russia do you feel like youíre home?

A. In some sense, yes, because of the people and hearing the language and feelingÖthereís a certain quality. I donít want to generalize and say, ďThis race of people is like this and this race of people is like that.Ē But, when you go to a Russian party, itís a Russian party. You go to a French party, itís a French party. Thereís a certain type of food and a certain type of joke. I have a group of people that I adore in Russia. So yeah, in some sense I feel like Iím coming to a certain home. Then again, Russianís not my first language any more so I can communicate up to a point but usually it ends with me speaking English and people going, ďAw, youíre so cute when you speak Russian.Ē  

Q. Apart from keeping fit, what are your best beauty tips?

A. Obviously it starts with what you put in your body, right? I try to eat as clean as I can during the week, which is pretty easy because I cook at home for my daughter. We cook really well and then we have our cheats on the weekend. But itís a regime, like anything. Youíve got to wash your face. Tone. Moisturize. Do that every day and every night and youíll have better skin than the person who didnít. Iíve been toning and moisturizing since I was twelve. Seriously.      

Q. Is cooking something you like to do?

A. I love to cook. That was just another reason, too, why I didnít want to go traveling and make movies this year; not just to chauffer my daughter around but to be there like my mom was for me. Cooking for me, cooking for the family, being at home. When my daughter says, ďMom?Ē Iím like, ďYeah. Iím right here in the other room.Ē Sheís got that feeling that sheís number one because her whole life Iíve been number one or her dad and sheís following us. Now Iíve turned it around. ďNo, I have to follow you and make sure you get to your classes and Iím focused on you.Ē Sometimes she loves it. Sometimes Iím sure she hates it, like we all do. But at least she knows her mom loves her more than anything and that she was my priority. 

Q. This movie deals with future technology. Are you a fan of the latest gadgets, like the 3-D Blu-ray players and the iPad?

A. Oh, yeah. Iím the Apple genius at home. Iím definitely a tech head. Also because I love to record music so I was all into Reason when it first came out and then Logic and now Pro Tools. I love computers. Of course, I canít get my head around a PS3 or a VCR to save my life. But pretty much any problem you have on an Apple, I could potentially solve. Give me a remote control and Iím like, ďWhat happens?Ē


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