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Impulse Gamer Interviews comedian Esther Povitsky

Tell us who the REAL Esther Povitsky is? Stand up comedian. Weird girl.

No friends. Embarrassed by nothing.

Who is Little Esther?

Little Esther is me. There's no difference. I'm Little Esther 24 hours a day. Chasing a sugar high, playing games, and hiding from the outside world. Little Esther is just what everyone calls me. The last guy I had sex with calls me Little Esther.

What do you love about comedy?

I love that when I'm onstage I'm myself. I love that there's a brilliant community of comedians that I feel I'm a part of. I love laughing. But of course, I love making everyone around me laugh. Especially people who act like they don't want to laugh. I love the chase.

What's your worst moment in comedy?

I'm addicted to sugar and one time I ate too many graham crackers and had to cancel a show.


Every time I'm on stage.

Why do you love hot chicks?

Because they're amazing. They're so cute and pretty and sexy and they're like a mix between a princess and a little kid to me. I just sit down with them and ask them questions and ask them they're beauty secrets and they always talk to me and are so nice and I sometimes feel like I'm babysitting them or like they are babysitting me. But some hot chicks are cunts and then I get pissed.

Whose your favourite comedian and why?

Joe Rogan. He's the coolest guy I've ever met. He's so smart and hilarious to be around. He pressures me to smoke weed but he's the only one who sounds like a real doctor when he's talking about it. He gets all caring and specific like, "just one puff and make sure you're in your own apartment and won't drive for three hours afterwards and just sit down and write." I still haven't taken his advice though...

Who’s the hottest chick that you've met?

My model friend Jerica (@Jerica on twitter) she's so hot but acts like a cute little kid. We text all day long.


Who is the hottest chick you would like to meet?

Bree Olson

What's your obsession with Bree Olson?

I love her! I've always been fascinated with porn stars since I read Jenna Jameson's book, and so I watch porn... Bree was the first porn star I ever watched and was like "wow, I like her!" And she looks young like me and has a similar body type. I just fell for her. I started messaging her on MySpace and wanted to hang out with her but she lives in Indiana. Also she's a vegan... I'm sometimes a vegan but I also sometimes crave cheeseburgers. That would probably upset her. I've had a few dreams where she and I kiss but I'm not really a lesbian I just want to be best friends with her.

Is this a healthy obsession or a stalker type obsession?

It's definitely unhealthy. People in my life are like, "why do you look up to a porn star?!"

Tell us something funny...

One Christmas my mom bought me the XBox game HALO

Tell us something funnier...

She forgot to also buy me an XBox.

You're a gamer girl (yes readers... they do exist), why do you like games?

Because I can play on my computer in my apartment alone! I grew up playing Playstation... super old school games like Crash Bandicoot and Parappa the rapper. I was always into the games that were not cool to like.

What are you playing at the moment?

Anything on my iPhone.. I'm always looking for new games. Right now I play webkinz games but I'm too embarrassed to even go into it.

Best game ever?

COUNTER STRIKE! I used to go to the "e-cafe's" in high school and play with all the boys. Whenever we would have rounds of knifing only, I would get a gun and shoot the boys who I had a crush on.

If a game developer came up to you and said, we're making a game about YOU... what would it be about?

Spying on people at parties and trying to steal the party food and have more fun than them.

Did you know one of the world's hottest chicks writes for Impulse Gamer? Her name is Tara Babcock and she has a section at Impulse Gamer called "Tara's G-Spot". How awesomely cool is that?

That's amazing. Also, I am in love with her. Please send her to me immediately.

Why don't more girls play video games?

Because girls are stupid! j/k girls are awesome. Usually it's cause they don't know how to play and are scared to ask! Trust me! I had to ask a lot of questions and show a lot of vulnerability when I wanted to learn how to play Magic The Gathering.

Little Esther Tries Things... WTF? ... please explain but know that I thoroughly enjoyed the video...

LOL! I don't even know! What a silly little video. I was just hanging out with my friend and we were at dinner and he kept asking me to try his drink and I was like NO! I know I hate alcohol! And finally he started his iPhone camera and I was like FINE. Then we just all in that one night wanted to see how many things I could try... And all my reactions were honest! The sushi totally freaked me out and the beer was so sick and the cigarette made me feel yucky too.

Psychoanalysis me for enjoying Little Esther Tries Things?

FREAK!!! haha j/k.. It's such a silly little video, what's not to love!

Have you ever watched porn?

Hehehehehehehehehehehheheheheehehe WINK WINK hehehehehehehehehe

You've tweeted that you went to a titty bar, were you asked for ID?

You bet I was! I was asked for like 3 forms of it!

Did you get a dance?

I did. This Asian stripper named Jade. She was tan and pretty. Very pretty. Normally I like blondes with big boobs but I made an exception for Jade. She was so little and nice.

How OLD are you really?

TWENTY THREE! Born March 2nd 1988. I'm sure I'll regret telling the truth at some point later in my career.

You're friends with Holly Montag? How come you were not on The Hills?

I didn't meet her until after The Hills. Also, The Hills is, well, sort of ridiculous. On Halloween Holly took me to a party at Shaun White's house and all the women were dressed skanky except for us so we left and went to a South Park party with some nerds.

Can you set us up with Heidi?

Not even Holly could do that! They don't talk anymore :( Heidi is CrAzY!

Is Spencer a douche?

Never met him, but, COME ON, DUH!

Tell our readers a secret...

When I was a little kid I used to make everyone treat me like a dog and call me Jacob and I only ate twizzlers and pretzels out of bowls that were on the floor. I also bit my dad every time he tried to talk to my mom. (too much?)


Where should we stalk... err... social network you to follow you forever?


Plug us any official web pages or blogs and why we should bookmark them? under the hot chicks tab you can find all the hot chick pics.... and is just my random crazy blog.

What does the future hold for the lovely Esther Povitsky?

Comedy & Writing. And of course being in touch with all of YOU on twitter.

Thankyou Esther... it's been a pleasure!


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