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XBox Reviews: Wings of War                                                                         Genre: Flying


Wings of War Screenshots


The Final Say!


Wings of War
Reviewed By: Tory Favro
 Review Date: August 2004
Review Score: 7.1/10
Distributed By: Take 2 Interactive

"Ratta tatta tat!"

Well I don't know how excited the rest of you would get about a World War I fighter game but at first when I got this title, I simply stared blankly at it in what would be akin to dismay. I chucked the disc into the XBox and got ready for boredom. I was wrong and here is the review to back that up.

First cab to get out of the rank is simply this. Wings of War is a good game but not a great game. Highly enjoyable in it's own way, this is a great chance for XBox owners to rule the skies in a quite accurate gaming environment.

The main thrust of this game is on the single player mission with a bevy of planes to battle in from either the cockpit or fixed gun position. One of the cool things that I noted as will you was the little touches of realism such as the overheating guns that have to cool down before you can use them. The level of detail in the game is nice and not overstated, certainly nothing to complain about at all.

There are more than 70 stages on this game and you will be in front of your machine for hours playing this game. There are side missions to participate in that will add to your ability to enhance your planes with armour, better weaponry, rockets (yes rockets!) and engine bits and pieces to make your ride fly all the more sweeter.

Controlling the plane is intuitive, however it is a bit weird not having the triggers as the firing mechanisms. Over time, it gets easier to see why you use the triggers for speed instead. The access to different parts of the plane and the way that it controls are great going from straight forward battling to aerial capers if you can avoid the bad guys for that long.

Maps are going to please players too, they are massive and truly give you the sense of having some control over your environment without constantly hitting up against invisible walls. There is a great heads up display that will give you a fast and easy way to read how well you are going (or not) and just general reading on the game you are playing.

Soundwise I had a lot of fun with this title as there are some great pucker Brit accents that really spice up the game and give you a sense of being there so to speak. Spoken word is the strength behind the game, however the in game is pretty much average, delivering what you would expect but nothing above that at all.

I'd say give this one a shot. You'll enjoy it and it certainly is time consuming. Play well and you are rewarded for the time you put in. Muck around and you'll be shot down from the skies in a screaming heap. Multiplayer is only available through system link and as such I doubt that hardly anyone will use it. Come get some!

- Tory Favro

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