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XBox Review: Turok Evolution



Turok Evolution Screenshots


The Final Say!

Turok Evolution - reviewed by Tory Favro
Preview Date: 15 October 2002
Genre: First Person Shooter
Review Score: 8.5/10 
Score not based on an average
Distributed By: Acclaim

Welcome back to the Lost Lands in Turok Evolution on the XBox. Finally in the fourth instalment of the series, Acclaim Austin have return the Dinosaur Hunter back to the land that made him so popular way back in the day.


The first game in the series took the gaming world by storm with it's impressive visuals and over the top gore. It looked slick, played slick and was an awesome gaming experience. It was the reason I recall getting a 3D graphics card for my computer (other than the Quake 3DFX patch!).


It was my opinion that in the second and even third instalments of the series took a backward step in terms of gameplay and storyline. I just wanted to fight around and with dinosaurs and I was stoked to see that they have allowed this again in Evolution.


Firstly the game engine has been overhauled and the results are amazing. Graphically the title looks gorgeous and both dinosaurs and your primary enemy, the Dinosoids glisten and gleam with a life of their own. Animations are smooth and well realised with full frames of movement incorporated into almost everything you see, including the realistic looking plant life.


The game starts with Tal Set (Turok) being armed with only his axe and bow as he hunts down his enemy Bruckner who has escaped into the Lost Lands in the Full Motion Video at the beginning of the game during a confrontation with Turok in our world back in 1886.


Level design is well thought out and implemented. There are several gameplay modes in Evolution, shooting, platform elements and most surprisingly there are flight areas of the game as well. These offer a break from your standard shooting and make players realise that there is some real depth to this game in the process.


Taking flight on the backs of ancient reptiles armed to the gills with explosive weaponry is an awesome touch and really makes you think about this new method of combat. Powerups and health dangle from the skyline as you furiously dogfight your way through each enthralling level. The flight levels are more than welcome although by the end of them you are longing to return to the ground and get on with kicking butt on a more personal level.


Weapons do not fail to impress as per all the Turok games and the devastation that  they are capable of unleashing is impressive indeed. They are also upgradeable which only increasing the fun of the game. The explosions and general damage that these powerful weapons can do is sensational and the secondary fire mode just adds to the scope of destructive firepower.


The environments both inside and out are impressive and are fully textured and bump mapped. Trees and bushes sway and move and are indicators to possible ambushes by reptiles. This is a great touch but also keeps you on your feet as you'll react to every movement by the foliage.

The landscape is deformable and can be used as a living weapon against large foes by knocking down trees and pillars to crush them beneath. The only downside to that is that only certain objects have been designed to have this sort of damage attributed to them.

The control system to Turok is quite intuitive and works well. Incorporating the use of both analogue sticks makes movement fluid and easy to do. The line of sight is inverted and this is the default setting. I don't use inverted sight and prefer to push up to look up etc, and found it annoying that the game did not remember my setting, so I had to change it every time back to the way I liked it.

The sound in the title is fantastic and really makes for one excellent game, especially when listened to in 5.1 stereo. The thunderous roars of weaponry to the gargled screams of your victims will immerse you totally in the game world.

Turok Evolution also features a number of multiplayer options that will add to the amount of time that this game will live in your XBox for and supports up to four players in deathmatch mode. The title does employ a checkpoint form of saving which is a little bit silly considering the XBox hard drive. You must make it through areas in order to save your progress so make sure that you play carefully.

In summary, Turok is a fantastic game that is well worth the price of purchase. It is a strong title that will enthrall you and provide hour upon hour of gaming fun. Recommended!

- Tory Favro


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