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XBox Reviews: Pirates of the Caribbean


Pirates of the Caribbean Screenshots


The Final Say!

Pirates of the Caribbean - reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: September
Review Score: 8.8/10 

Pirates of the Caribbean is loosely based on the hit Disney movie from the same name that starred Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush and Orlando Bloom. Unlike many movie based games, Pirates of the Caribbean for the XBox is not an arcade style game but in actual fact a very decent role-playing game experience.


You play the role of Captain Nathaniel Hawk, the gallant sword-for-hire buccaneer who not only proves that he can wield a deadly cutlass but also shows that he is a fair and just captain. The gamer starts onboard Hawk's ship where you can engage in a tutorial (which I highly recommend) to learn the basics of the game. Once you have finished the tutorial, you then proceed to the town to get your first quest in the world of the Caribbean.


The gaming engine of Pirates of the Caribbean may seem familiar to some gamers and that's because it uses the same engine as the highly popular Morrowind series. As with most good pirate games, the action is evenly spread between land and sea. Your character also contains a quest checklist that gives you details on the quests you must complete. By visiting taverns, you not only pick up interesting gossip and news but can also use it as a hiring point for new crew members.


The gaming world of Pirates of the Caribbean is simply vast & amazing and contains beautiful Caribbean locales, deep dark dungeons that are filled with a variety of treasures, hot desert islands and dangerous jungles. The game perfectly recreates the ancient world of the pirates to the letter.


The action on the high seas heats up when you engage other buccaneers or pirates as the game takes a turn from the traditional pirate genre and actually becomes a strategy game where you must use the winds to your advantage. If you are facing the wrong way and there is a light breeze, you have basically not only doomed yourself but also the crew of your ship.


However, nothing is more satisfying than unleashing a dozen cannon balls at the enemy fleet. In order to prepare yourself for the high seas, you must complete a variety of quests that gives you gold and equipment in exchange. The gold can then be used to buy a variety of items in the game such as rapiers, swords or it can be used to upgrade your vessel.


Once on dry land, you can virtually engage in a whole plethora of activities. Be warned though, as Morrowind, you can attack innocent civilians but I warn you against it because as soon as you start killing randomly, the towns guard will soon put a stop to your savage ways. Apart from exploring, your character also engages in battles with a variety of foes and as you progress through the game, you slowly become more powerful. 

There is also a variety of enemies in the game from deadly pirates, thieves, skeletons and everything that makes a good pirate game. Weaponry is also abundant in the game and everything from guns, daggers and swords are available to your character.


Graphically, Pirates of the Caribbean is an amazing game that contains lush ocean scenarios, extremely detailed towns, gorgeous lighting effects, highly detailed characters with sharp textures and a variety of other bonuses that I'm sure will appease a variety of gamers. The characters in the game move with grace and fluidity and contain a very high polygon count for that extra realism, not to mention some detailed textures for that perfect touch. One of the most impressive features in the game is the use real-time lighting and weather effects that makes Pirates of the Caribbean one of the better if not best movie games around. It should also be mentioned that the special effects of the storms are quite simply amazing and are probably the most magnificent graphics to have graced the XBox in a long time.


The musical score of the Pirates of the Caribbean is extremely mellow and suits the genre of the game without it getting in the way or becoming too frustrating. The voice acting of the game has also been professionally done and each voice suits the character perfectly. The game also contains a variety of noises such as the sounds of the seas, the towns, the battles and of course the sounds of the Caribbean.


In conclusion, the Pirates of the Caribbean is a very addictive RPG game that contains some amazing graphics, a decent storyline and some great gameplay that will not only have you playing this for hours but is probably one of the best pirate games around. Highly Recommended! Be warned though, the game starts slow but soon becomes a very exciting rollercoaster ride on the high seas.


Andrew B

Copyright 2004 www.impulsegamer.com