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XBox Reviews: Outrun 2


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Outrun 2
 Review Date: November 2004
Review Score:
Distributed By: Microsoft

The SEGA classic finally returns after years in the gaming wilderness and promises the next generation of gamers another thrilling instalment of Outrun 2! For those that have never heard of the classic game, Outrun originally appeared in the arcades and was more than your average racing game. The locations were beautiful, the music was pumping, the car was amazing and you also had a sexy gorgeous girl sitting next to you. It even had comedy and when you crashed, your girlfriend would get extremely cross at your poor driving. The game was eventually ported to the Amiga, GameBoy, the Commodore 64 and even the PC with glorious CGA colours.

The game was a classic and thanks to our friends at SEGA, the game makes a majestic return on the XBox with all the thrills, excitement and stunning locales that made the original game such  a hit world wide. For those that have played the original Outrun game, you may notice that the graphics are very similar but have fortunately been vastly improved by power of the XBox gaming console and with that said... Outrun 2 is the perfect remake of a classic game!

Outrun 2 features many classic gameplay modes that includes the arcade mode (standard arcade racing), an exciting mission mode with over 101 missions, an XBox live mode that allows you to play 8 different players from around the globe, a new Heart Attack Mode that basically lets you charm your passenger with your driving prowess and the added drifting mode that lets you drift into some of the most stylish driving to hit the XBox in months. The game also allows for a system link of up to 8 players that will really spice up your LAN parties.

As with the classic arcade game, Outrun 2 features checkpoints that must be achieved by the gamer in order to progress to the next level and like the original, these checkpoints are sometimes divided into two paths for that added racing realism. This is great for increased longevity of the title and lets you play the game again and again because there are virtually many ways to complete the title.

The control system of the Outrun 2 is extremely reminiscent of the arcade games of yesterday, so don't expect the simulated reality of Project Gotham Racing 2 because this game is just about pure arcade racing fun. With that said, the control system of the title is basically accelerate and brake with the analog stick used to control your vehicle. The licensed Ferrari cars once again return in this remake and fortunately for this old reviewer, the red Ferrari is still there. Probably the most innovative change of Outrun 2 is the drift mode that allows you to slide around the corners by tapping the break button.

Graphically, Outrun 2 is an amazing game that contains some beautiful backgrounds that really helps immerse the gamer into this universe with its rich colours and vast environments. Everything from beaches to forests have been included in Outrun 2 and match that with a true sense of speed and you have a game that really makes you feel like you are behind a real Ferrari.

There is also a variety of special effects in the game and small background details such as balloons flying in the background or different weather effects really add to the ambience. It should also be said that the car detail is simply phenomenal and contains an extremely high polygon count with a variety of special effects such as reflective surfaces. The drifting effect is also pretty damn amazing in this game and the smoke effects look extremely real and match that with some cute polygon characters in the car (yourself and your girlfriend) and you have a game made in arcade heaven.

The musical score of Outrun 2 contains a pumping SEGA soundtrack that almost sounds like it has been taken from a cheesy Anime series but as with the original, the music really suits the game. There is also a variety of car effects such as braking, skidding or slamming into other obstacles at insane speeds to really complete this title. Outrun 2 also supports in-game Dolby Digital and sounds amazing through the right home entertainment setup. I almost forgot to mention that there is also a cheesy announcer in the game which I must admit did become a little frustrating after awhile but it did take this reviewer back into the 1980's.

In conclusion, Outrun 2 is an extremely fun and addictive racing game that I would recommend to all gamers who don't want a true racing simulation because this is as fun and easy as it gets, not to mention the replay value of this title. With Outrun being a true arcade classic, there is little wrong with Outrun 2 for not for it to follow in the steps of its predecessor. Clearly for the fun aspired gamer.

- Andrew B

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