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XBox Reviews: Kung Fu Chaos


Kung Fu Chaos Screenshots

The Final Say!

Kung Fu Chaos
 - reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 12 April 2003
Review Score: 5/10
Not based on an average 
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I'm sorry but this game is one that failed to impress me in the overall and I am surprised that it was sanctioned to come out as a first party title. I am a strong believer that first party productions should be of the highest quality and set an example for other developers.


Kung Fu Chaos Features

  • Players 1-4
  • Custom Soundtracks
  • Genre: Platforming Beat Em Up
  • Rating: G8+
  • Dolby Digital


Basically all you have to do is bash other players in the making of a martial arts film. Your director goads you into taking on the hordes in order to get some action sequences into his extremely low budget films. So low budget in fact that he is using props and settings from other movies.


Graphically the game looks nice and is the business however it's just the simple fact that the moves are soooo limited that it made me weep toward the end where I was just hitting the same buttons over and over again and doing the same moves that guaranteed that my opponents, who present no challenge at all, were vanquished.


You see, in making it simple to pick up and play, they made it too simple to play at all. You are locked into very small and cramped areas at times until a particular piece of action is carried out and then sometimes without proper warning you'll need to jump off sinking items that will cause your death if you fail. This gets even more annoying if there are four of you trying to escape at once. Shoving and jostling ain't part of this game, it's just an unpleasant by product.


The audio on this game is pretty cool actually and if you love "Kung Fu Fighting" you are in luck as it seems to play every five minutes or so. In addition to the fun but repetitive music, the directions you receive from the director are priceless as he speaks a form of broken "Ingrish".


Each character has a set of moves that they can use when opening a can of kick butt and the animations for some of them are hilarious. Involving everything to tried and true attacks, all the way through to kissing your opponents. They are very easy to learn and once you have there will be no stopping you with this title. Combine the combo moves with the simplicity of throwing your opponent off the screen or into water and you cannot be beaten!


Normally I would waffle on longer about a title however I cannot summon the enthusiasm for this game. It's meant to be a party  type game and that's where it's weakness lies as there is not enough room for everyone to do their thing.

The game is good looking and there's no doubt about that however the strength of the game is not there and it's probably not worth the purchase of this game as I don't think it delivers on the multiplayer party experience and the single player game feels like a shallow afterthought. If you want a party game with true character you would be better of with Mario Party 4.

Give this game a rent first. There is plenty of eye candy and there is a chance that it will appeal to you, however it really didn't rock my world. Sorry Microsoft, but I gotta tell it like I see it and I'll make a prediction here that this game will be in dump bins or in the $49.95 category within a couple of months.

- Tory Favro

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