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XBox Reviews: Hunter: The Reckoning


Hunter: The Reckoning Screenshots


The Final Say!

Hunter: The Reckoning - reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 31 July 2002
Review Score: 8.5/10 
Distributed By: Vivendi Universal

The town is Ashcroft, home to a now deserted prison. Local kids, bored with life in this forsaken place hold a rave party in the depths of the prison grounds that wakes the evil that once walked in human form. As the undead possess the bodies of the young innocents, mayhem ensues.


Fortunately for the remainder of the living township, there are four hunters that can save the town from this menace:


Deuce Wyatt: Avenger

Samantha Alexander: Defender

Father Esteban Cortez: Judge

Kassandra Cheyung: Martyr


Your characters all commence with a ranged weapon and a melee weapon that each are supplied with unlimited ammo that will certainly come in handy. As the game progresses, more powerful tools of destruction become available to pick up on the level.


One thing to be said for Hunter is that it truly shines as a multiplayer experience and truly is fantastic to get some mates together to experience.


Every character has it's own strengths and weaknesses as well making Hunter a game playing experience that you can return to upon completion. There is not a great deal of depth to the storyline, however in this case that is welcome as it is the sort of title that you want to have fun talking to your friends as you play without being too encumbered by a story.


Graphically, Hunter will impress you. Everything looks sensational and the textures are absolutely lush. Your enemies are fearsome to behold and their animations are very smooth. The whole game is an absolute gore fest so be ready for a river of blood which may put off some players.


The gameplay is broken up into a series of attacks, physical and magical. These magic attacks are referred to in the game as edge attacks. Stunning to behold, these attacks are varied from player to player and increase in strength as the game progresses and you character gains more experience.


Throughout the title, your character progresses in development which will enable them to take on new abilities and enhanced Edge attacks. However if you change characters mid-game, you will have a player with the abilities of a beginner.


The controls are intuitive and extremely easy to master with your primary buttons being used to cycle through weapons. Analogue sticks are used to move and aim.



The action at all times is contained to the one screen with no split available. This baby was designed for four player mayhem! It will take some getting used to having to share the screen with other players and the constant fight to get ammo and other items as the rest of your party want to press onward. However, the game played with friends is the way to go and is far superior to the single player adventure, however enjoyable that may be.


Enemies spawn almost constantly from start to finish and difficulty in dispatching them increases as both the game progresses and how many people are playing the title at one time. The attention to detail of your foes and the great sound effects should have you and your friends riveted for hours to Hunter: The Reckoning.


- Tory Favro

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