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XBox Reviews: Brute Force


Brute Force Screenshots

The Final Say!

Brute Force
 - reviewed by Ryan Raybould
Review Date: 01 July 2003
Review Score: 8.5/10
Not based on an average 
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Brute Force is brutality at it’s fearsome best.

When I first popped this game into the tray of the XBox in with it went also months of expectations and excitement. The opening sequence and the initiative of the “Halo-style” menu system did not disappoint. The graphics of the intro in all their textured glory whet the appetite of what was to become a classic XBox title.   

Brute Force Features

  • Players 1- 4
  • Genre: Third Person Shooter
  • System Link
  • Rating: M+
  • Dolby Digital

The basis of the intro to the game (Single Player) is to inform the player that the initial playable character, Tex, is a member of a newly formed Unit. The year is 2340 and cloning technologies has taken off. Selection or recruiting of soldiers has become obsolete. The fate of the Confederation is in the hands of age-old warriors who have proven they have what it takes to fight to the death. If they die they are just cloned straight out to battle another day. These skilled warriors make up the 23rd Special Forces Unit – Codename: Brute Force.

As the game goes on three more playable characters join the Unit. The brilliant thing about Brute Force is that you are able to switch between these four characters seamlessly through an ingenious system. As the characters are all members of the Unit they stick together, so the player can either go up front or sit back and sniper at a range. The four playable characters are: Tex, Brutus, Hawk, Flint and this is the order that they are unlocked.    

Along with the ability to play as four different characters comes a special ability unique to each character. Pressing the white button on the XBox controller activates these abilities. The special abilities of the characters are as follows:

Tex: The ability to use two weapons at once, which is very handy for slicing through the enemy.

Brutus: The spirit of Vengor – enables Brutus to regenerate health and see hiding enemies also aids charge attack.

Hawk: Cloaking ability – allows Hawk to sneak up on enemies and slice them in half with her powerblade.

Flint: Auto-aim sniper on the fly, which allows precision shots with deadly accuracy while on the move. 

The game is played in the third-person which at times becomes a little annoying when trying to aim and move at the same time. It does however allow the designers to show off the awesome graphics possible through the XBox. This game would have been a treat had it the option to swap to a first-person mode. 

The controls apart from the disturbances caused by the third-person view are initiative and easy to adapt to. Functions such as swapping between characters or giving Unit orders is very intelligent and useable while in the middle of a large fight scene, where stuffing around with the controller is the difference between winning and losing. 

The game also includes heaps of weapons and items and a host of interesting enemies. The weapons range from standard ballistic weapons such as a Foley 356 Tact handgun through to snipers and machine guns. There is also an extraordinary gun which fires razor sharp discs through the air. The game has many different types of grenades from frags to gas grenades. Items include medkits, rolling bombs, fruit and briefcases. The six main types of enemies are the Seer Priests, Mutants, Ferals, Humans, Subversive Militia and Shadoon. 

There are many multiplayer options in Brute Force, which is surprising considering the game is played in the third-person. The game can handle up to 8 players over system link or up to 4 over split screen. There are many modes, which includes up to 4 players being able to play through the campaign mode. Other modes are Deathmatch or Squad deathmatch where the last warrior standing wins. Brute Force also includes the option of further downloads off XBox live in the future. 

The graphics in Brute Force are exceptional and the level designs are better than any I have seen for a long time. Shadows, explosions and other special effects are all incorporated with no impact on the smoothness of the game. The only fault which I could pick up with the animation throughout the game was the members of the Seer seemed to hover and float rather than walk. This may have been deliberate by the developers but it doesn’t quite seem to work. 

The sound quality is brilliant and conversations between members of the Unit are very unique. The sayings sometimes repeat themselves but this is due to unit calls and constructed conversations. In film clips the sound is film-like and a joy to listen to. A lot of praise should go out to the voice actors. The game also allows for Dolby Digital support in game. 

Brute Force is a blast of a game whether it is for a long session or a quick shoot around with some mates. The quality of the graphics and presentation crossed with the initiative control system and add to that a detailed story, you have yourself a winner. Brute Force is destined to become one of those must have titles on the XBox.  

- Ryan Raybould

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