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X-Box Reviews: Blood Wake


Blood Wake Screenshots

The Final Say!

Blood Wake - reviewed by Tory F
Review Date: 4 April 2002
Review Score: 7/10 
Distributed By: Microsoft

Prepareyourself for battle on the high seas. Blood wake is a tale of revenge on theocean, unfortunately your target of revenge is your evil brother who has leftfor you dead. The action takes place on  beautifully realised oceans andwaterways. 


Wheredo you actually start with a title like Blood Wake? It was a somewhat confusingtitle to review as in some regards it was fantastic and in others it was adisappointing let down. I would most likely recommend renting this title beforespending your hard earned money. 

Let be more specific however, with my last comment, I'm not saying that BloodWake is a bad title but it does leave a little bit to be desired and may leavesome gamers a tad cold.

In as far as your gunboat and the water upon which its travelled are depicted Iwas staggered at how good the water effects looked until approaching the shoreline.  The boat will react realistically to the pitch and yaw of the ocean,however the feeling is not transferred to the XBox controller. 

As the game progresses, you will take command of a series of lethal gunboatsutilising such weapons as chain guns, torpedoes, rockets and cannons.  Thegunboat is extremely easy to control which does allow for immediate gameplaywhich is definitely a positive. 

A four player is available in split screen and whilst at Impulsegamer, we don't harp on too much about frame rate, we were pleased that the action remains fast and furious. Weapon effects look nice as do the pre-rendered backgrounds. Blood Wake is confusing as while the gameplay is intense and keeps you on your toes, it never quite succeeds in "letting you be there". There is always a feeling of distance between you and the title.

Blood Wake does have a storyline, however your most likely find as I did that the temptation to skip the gravely voiced narration and head into the thick of it is too much to bear. This however is the bane of most action titles and is readily excused. 

So to sum things up, listen to your uncle Tory and remember when looking at this title, it will not suit everyone, however fans of fast paced action with overbearing weaponry will have a blast on the high seas.

- Tory F

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