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XBox Reviews: Army Men: Sarge's War                           Genre: Third Person Shooter


Army Men: Sarge's War Screenshots


The Final Say!


Army Men: Sarge's War
Reviewed By: Tory Favro
 Review Date: August 2004
Review Score: 4.9/10
Distributed By: Take 2 Interactive

"The best in the series so far, but is that saying much?"

A lot of people would have already cringed when they saw the title to this game let alone actualy clicked on the link to read the review. This is the latest in the Army Men series, and to be frankly honest, possibly the best incarnation yet. That would be a positive thing if it weren't for the fact that most of the games in this franchise weren't positively crap. 

I liked the first game in this series on the Playstation, however as they've persisted in releasing more titles as the one before it bombs, it seemed that not very much has been learned. 

Sarge's War follows the storyline where the Green Army was wiped out practically to the last soldier when they attended a peace signing with the Tan Army which would have meant a lasting cease fire between the two factions. A renegade Major Malice unleashes an ambush that sees all of Sarge's platoon wiped out with the exception of the big fella himself, so he goes off on a third person rampage to avenge his mates. 

Essentially on XBox the game looks nice in terms of texturing, with walls and other environs being great to make your way through. It's just a shame that Sarge himself doesn't look so great. 

Controls are pretty terrible on this game with shoddy camera work and the only time you really get a bead on your enemy is when you deliberatly hold down the lock key and then that will give you a clear chance to shoot your foes. Quite possibly it will get to the point that you don't care whether you do or not.

There are some interesting effects such as Sarge getting holes blown into him during the game which shows that you are doing it a bit tough, however it doesn't affect the way he performs one little bit. So it's certainly a graphical piece of cherry but nothing more than aesthetics come into it. 

Weapons abound in the title and once again I was highly unimpressed, especially with what would have to be one of the most ordinary uses of grenades almost ever. Not only does it take an age to get a grenade out but then a silly arc appears that shows you where you think that the grenade should land. This system is so user unfriendly that Sarge can be right up next to an open window and not put a grenade through it as the arc simply does not allow for any precise targeting. 

When switching to automatic weapons, one will notice that they are not truly auto, you just get to push the fire button faster. Multiplayer is essentially more of the same dreck, but this time you and up to 3 other mates can bitch about the faults in this title together as you ineptly steer your multicoloured Sarge's around. 

To wrap this one up, rent it first or risk wasting a lot of money. I reckon that they've got one more chance to get it right in this franchise if this game does not kill them. Sarge in my opinion is one of the coolest characters in the gaming world, so let's not waste the opportunities he gives us. The next title should simply be a first person shooter utilising an engine that has already proven it works such as the Unreal, Doom 3 or Halflife Engines. Highly detailed gaming with a great storyline. Make it grim and gritty and win us back, otherwise just don't bother.

- Tory Favro

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