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PS2 Reviews: Twisted Metal: Black


The Final Say!

Twisted Metal: Black - reviewed by Tory F
Review Date: 19 December 2001
Review Score 8/10
Distributed By: Sony Computer Entertainment

Twisted Metal: Black is an odd creature that with a little more tweaking could have delivered on its promise.

The game is based on vehicular deathmatch in arenas and the graphics are very nicely realised. You can choose your vehicle and invariably insane driver, unlocking others as the game progresses.

The AI of the computer opponents is not too sluggish and they can hand you a goodish-sized can of whup ass in moments.

I found the handling of the vehicle to be the most annoying feature of the game using the default controller config, but there are several other options there that fixed those problems up.

Also some of the game is too dark and presents slight problems with navigating your ride.

For the most part however, Twisted Metal: Black provided good short term playability with the multiplayer option providing the game with a bit more meat and life.

Top marks also have to be given for the reverse view in single player mode where instead of having to carefully glimpse quickly behind you, the screen splits so you have full control at all times.

Weapons controls are easy to use with your L1 and R1 handling the punishment chores in conjunction with L2, R2.

Powerups are clearly represented onscreen and can be switched very easily giving you more grunt when doling out the pain.

All up, Twisted Metal: Black is certainly different and will not appeal to everyone. Fans of Destruction Derby, step this way!

- Tory F  

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