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PS2 Reviews: Swing Away Golf

Swing Away Golf Screenshots


The Final Say!
Reviewed by Tory "Maddog PS2"

Golf. The sport of champions. Norman, Woods, Palmer, the list of names goes on. Itís a serious game for serious people and for heavens sake donít talk during a shot. Throw all these misconceptions out the door when playing Swing Away Golf. This crazy game will make you love the game of golf!

Playing as one of seven unique characters equipped with their own caddy, your character has his or her unique style and skills that improve as you play.

The beauty of this game that despite the light-hearted approach, it is quite a serious golf title that factors in the more in-depth titles to be found in conventional golf titles.

Many things need to be taken into account when playing this game. Know your characters and especially your caddies!
Graphically the title certainly impresses and all animations are fantastic.

To fault the game is difficult, but my main problem is with the Caddie intelligence. I found on a number of occasions that I was being chided for my game when I had just hit a stunner.

An addictive golf game that can accommodate up to 4 players, Swing Away Golf is an must have fun time title for even the non golf enthusiast.

You will find yourself hitting the links time and time again with Swing Away Golf. If this title is not in stock in your games shop, please ask one of the sales staff to order you a copy or email me and I will get a copy for you.


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