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PS2 Reviews: SWAT: Global Strike Team


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SWAT: Global Strike Team  reviewed by Andrew B 
Review Date: November 2003
Review Score 8.5/10 
Distributed By: Vivendi Universal

"Become the commander of an elite SWAT unit in SWAT: Global Strike Team!"

SWAT: Global Strike Team is the latest game from developers Argonaut that puts gamers in charge of an elite SWAT unit to help eliminate criminal syndicates around the world. The game (similar to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six) is based in the not so distant future where criminal syndicates have become super powers that threaten the very fabric of world peace.


With this new threat getting out of hand, the United Nations have decided to create a new branch of SWAT called the Global Strike Team whose main agenda is eliminate these syndicates and restore order to the world. If the concept of SWAT sounds familiar, it is because the game is based on the PC game of the same name but it should be noted that this is a new incarnation of the series.


Gamers are thrust into the role of Mathias Kincaid, a highly skilled and no questions asked commander of the Global Strike Team who along with his two lieutenants, the beautiful yet deadly sharp shooter Kana Lee and the acclaimed military tech specialist Anthony Jackson must now restore order to a lawless world. SWAT: Global Strike Team (now known as SWAT for this review) is a first person shooter with a difference. Unlike standard first person shooters, SWAT is a squad based shooter that requires teamwork to achieve your mission objectives.


Apart from your highly trained team of elite police, you also have access to a variety of deadly arsenals and futuristic gadgets that help you on your quest for justice. Although you are have a wide range of stock standard weaponry that include handguns and sniper rifles, you are also awarded tranquilizers to help halt hostiles.


SWAT has everything that all good first person shooters have from a variety of grenades to some extremely impressive looking night vision goggles. SWAT is not just about dispensing justice with deadly arsenals but gamers are also given the option of arresting the criminals so that they can be questioned at a later time. A neat little twist that does take the monotony out of first person shooters because it's more than just firing your handgun. Before starting the missions, players must select the weapons that they will take out into the field. 


As with SOCOM and the newly released Manhunt, SWAT also allows gamers to use a USB headset to give their colleagues orders in the mission. Without the headset, you must use the DualShock controller (as with SOCOM) to issue out orders. The headset does make the game extremely more entertaining and gives a sense of realism.  

SWAT also has a variety of missions from rescuing hostages to eliminating criminal syndicate commanders and disarming deadly bombs, the game has it all. The game also awards players various medals for completing certain objectives and by keeping the hostage count down. SWAT also offers a variety of multiplayer options that include all-time favourites such as death match, cooperative and even cooperative time attack. The game contains over 20 different single-player missions that range from America to the former Soviet Union.

Graphically, SWAT is a decent looking game but when compared to the XBox version, it is a little bland but it still does have its moments. The characters themselves are well modelled and contain a fair amount of detail such as high resolution textures and some realistic movements that help keep this game both exciting and realistic. The gaming world of SWAT is a little bland when compared to the higher budget games such as the Tom Clancy series but it should also be noted that this game contains some of the best lighting effects that I have seen on the PlayStation which this game makes abundant use of.

The musical score of SWAT sounds like a Hollywood action movie with all the hype and majestic feel of an action movie. The sound effects in the game are top notch and if you have a USB headset, it really helps immerse you into the world of SWAT with its realistic sound effects from guns, explosions and professional voice acting.

In conclusion, SWAT: Global Strike Team is a sturdy first person shooter that brings something new to the genre of squad based action games. With an in-depth storyline that is straight out of Hollywood, impressive graphics and an amazing musical score with real-world sound effects, SWAT is probably one game that you will be playing over and over again. It would of been nice if there was online support but I'm sure the next incarnation of the title will. Recommended!

- Andrew B

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