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PS2 Reviews Reviews: Space Channel 5


Space Channel 5 Screenshots

The Final Say!

Space Channel 5 - reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 11 February 2002
Review Score: 9.0/10 
Distributor: Sony

"When the Morolians invade, ace reporter Ulala scoops the story for Space Channel 5. The hip-hopping aliens zap citizens into a hypnotic dance trance, but beat girl Ulala is their ultimate match. So they challenge her to a dance battle, and she busts out her grooviest moves to free the captives." You're probably thinking that Christmas is over and all the games getting released are the same old unoriginal & uninspiring games? Well, stop right there because Space Channel 5 has finally been released on the PS2. You play the sexy reporter Ulala who has the dance moves to match Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. But be warned, those who are tone-deaf or rhythmically challenged may have some difficulty in playing this game.

As Ulala, you are a reporter for TV station Space Channel 5 who has her show broadcast live as she is trying to defeat aliens who have captured humanity by their mesmerizing dance moves. The game basically involves you walking around and trying to match the alien's dance moves which lets you free the hostages and shoot the evil vile dance aliens. They're actually quite cute! The aliens tell you what moves they will be performing by saying things like "left left shoot shoot" and you must match these moves on the controller, the more you successful you are, the better your dancing becomes.

The graphics in the game is a combination of ingame graphics and background CG but are perfectly combined to make the graphics look quite outstanding. Everything has a very unique look and the animation is silky smooth. The gem to this game is Ulala herself and wears a very unique outfit that helps get you bopping to all the beats. Although this game was originally on the Dreamcast, the transition to the PS2 was flawless and still stands out in todays day and age. The cutscenes are once again a combination of ingame graphics and background CG.

The music to the game is very "dance" orientated but after a few levels, you will definitely start bopping away to the music as you try to match the dance moves of the aliens. The character voices, although sometimes a little corny help give the game a real futuristic dance atmosphere. If you're looking for something completely different than this game is for you and I would recommend that everyone have a look at this game. Great stuff! Oh, by the way...Michael Jackson makes a cameo in this game!

- Andrew B

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