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PS2 Reviews: Pro Rally 2002


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Pro Rally 2002 - reviewed by Tory F & Andrew B
Review Date: 10 April 2002
Review Score: 8.25/10
Distributed By: Ubi Soft

Pro Rally 2002 is the awesome new rally title from publisher Ubi Soft. With the gamut of car games currently available on the market today its nice to see a title that is nice to play as it is visually appealing. 

With serious competition from titles such as World Rally Championship (PS2) and Ralli Sport Challenge (XBox), Pro Rally Challenge 2002 can certainly hold its head up high.

The game is intensely configurable with a multitude of options for those players who want to tweak their high performance rally cars. Game physics are accurate with a distinct sense of truly controlling your car through the terrain. 

There are a variety of game modes to choose from which will certainly lend to the amount of time this disc will stay in your console. The multi-player mode will keep you on your feet, however, the true beauty of the title is in the single player experience.

Rally driving has always been a solitary experience and this time around is no exception.  There are only a few slight bones to pick with the title and they are when you leave the track and being confronted with shabby 2D bushes and trees. This is a tad disappointing considering the high degree of detail realised in the game. This is such as a minor issue that it almost cannot be taken into account.

The car models look absolutely brilliant and it will be quite a tough job picking which beast you want to race in. Rally stages are nicely designed and taking place within various parts of Europe.

Country sides and towns have a high degree of detail that will almost make you wish that you could stop the car and take a stroll about. Some of the architecture of the buildings is truly astonishing with all details taken care of. 

Pro Rally 2002 will make a worthy addition to any car enthusiasts collection and for those who are not so keen on the serious side of rally driving, there is always the thrilling arcade mode to take care of you.

- Tory F & Andrew B

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