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PS2 Reviews: Myst III: Exile


Myst III: Exile Screenshots

The Final Say!

Myst III: Exile - reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 23rd October 2002
Review Score 5.0/10
Distributed By: UBISOFT

The highlypopular PC game called Myst has finally landed in the world of consoles but isthe PlayStation ready for this? Myst III: Exile is the third game in the seriesand is set in a strange world that is filled with medieval wonder andtechnology. The story revolves around a new villain of the Myst series (playedby Brad Dourif) who had his home world destroyed by Sirrus and Achenar. Thisbitter man is now hiding on Atrus' Ages and is plotting revenge on those whohave harmed him and anyone who gets in his way.

You play therole of Atrus who is trying to restore the D'ni empire to its full potential.Unaware to Atrus, this new villain will become a thorn in his side and once hediscovers his dastardly plan, he must chase this villain through thesurrealistic Ages of Myst in order to save the lives of thousands.


Myth III: Exile Features

  • Free-look movement system
  • 5 entirely new ages to explore
  • Dramatic storylines based in the Myst mythology with hundreds of puzzles.
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Directors Cut enhancements that have been designed specifically for the console version of the game
  • Behind the scenes of the "making of the Myst"
  • USB mouse optional add on
  • Dolby Digital 5.1


The gameplayof Myst is unlike any game on the PlayStation 2 at the moment because its more amovie than a game. That said, the game is reminiscent of the old adventure gamesthat once appeared on the PC that had you exploring various worlds in order tointeract with characters and find items in the game that helped advance yourcause. Just about everything in the game is full motion video that lets you turna full 360 degrees if necessary. That said, the game is primarily an adventuregame where you must solve various puzzles and collect items in order to opendoors, chests and the like. The developers have also added a USB mouse optionfor the game that lets you plug a PlayStation 2 mouse into your console to makegameplay easier. You would think that this game would be perfect on the consolebecause you can kick back on the couch and watch (err.. play) the game.Unfortunately the gameplay of Myst is quite boring and the long loading timesbetween new areas is quite annoying. For instance when you want to move forward,you must click on the area then wait a few seconds before you can continue. Theoriginal series was revolutionary on the PC but in this modern day and age ofgaming, we all know what the PlayStation 2 is capable of.

Graphically Myst III: Exile is one of the most gorgeous gaming environments I have ever seen. Everything in the game has been digitally constructed from trees to buildings to amazing mountain systems. All the characters in the game are live actors that actually look quite good when slotted into a computer generated world. Although there are no real special effects in the game, considering that everything is full motion video, the developers have done a wonderful job in creating their own little universe.

The music score of Myst III: Exile comes straight out of a Hollywood movie and really fits the game perfectly. All the character acting (& voices) have been professionally done and actually puts some of the moves that are coming out of Hollywood to shame. 

Myst III: Exile is a very nice looking game but unfortunately that's where it ends. The game has a great storyline, beautiful graphics and angelic musical score but the gameplay is sorely lacking. The game itself is just one big movie with not much really to do so the replay value for this title would be extremely limited. The majority of gamers would probably not be interested in this title and it's probably recommended for girls who want to venture into a world of escapism. 

- Andrew B

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