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PS2 Reviews: Jeremy McGrath Supercross World

Jeremy McGrath Supercross World screenshots

Sorry, the game doesn't really look like this.

This is slightly more like it. It's still not quite there.

The Final Say!

Jeremy McGrath Supercross World - reviewed by Tory F
Review Date: 24 February 2002
Review Score: 5.1/10
Distributed By: Acclaim


Playing Jeremy McGrath Supercross World, you will find yourself asking two questions most likely. 1.) What the hell? 2.) I wonder if they do refunds.


Initially I was really looking forward to reviewing JMSW as I had a great time with MX2002. Then the title started up and my heart sank. Everything from the menu selection to shoddy graphics will have you questioning just why you bought the game.


Direct rip-offs from Motocross Madness are present, and it's a wonder the dudes at Rainbow Studios aren't looking for a way to sue. Surely there must have been  a better way to mark the edge of the map than to just rip MM off and boot the rider back into the game when the edge is met?

At first it appears the ground you are racing over is highly detailed and you slow your ride down to take a look. Gah! Yes the ground is blurry, it wasn't your speed creating that effect. I am aware that the screenshots that I have provided make the game look alright, and yes there are some redeeming elements to the title. It is just a pity that the bad bits outweigh the good.


Control of the bike is ludicrous and the game engine doesn't seem to have any gravity as far as your ability to manoeuvre the bike in mid-air is concerned. 


The game promises stunts and delivers on a very simplistic level. One thing that did impress was the ability to go anywhere during baja style gameplay.


If you already own MX2002 feat. Ricky Carmichael, then rest assured that you are not missing out on a great deal. If you still want more zany dirt bike action then rent this title before paying 80 odd bucks for it.


The developers definitely show some promise for future releases. A few oversights from the QA department have blighted an otherwise nice entry into the dirt bike genre.


- Tory F

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