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PS2 Reviews: Iron Aces 2 Birds of Prey


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The Final Say!

Iron Aces 2 Birds of Prey - reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 29th July 2002
Review Score 6.9/10
Distributed By: THQ

"A good old fashioned arcade flight simulator that showcases the aircrafts of the 20th century."

Iron Aces 2 Birds of Prey is a classic arcade flight simulator that has been exclusively designed for the PS2. The game starts with a beautiful CGI cinematic of the history of war planes through the ages. Showcasing World War II fighter planes and 20th century jet planes with a movie like awe-inspiring movie like soundtrack.

There are two different games modes, a campaign mode and a free battle mode. In campaign mode you are required to various aircrafts from the ages such as World War II and the end of the 20th Century. Each campaign is divided into five different sections and is also a history lesson on the aircrafts of that particular time. 

Before you commence your campaign you must head to the briefing room where you will learn the aspects of your mission. Once you have read your mission outline, you must venture into the hangar which features the aircraft you must fly. The developers have made this into a neat function as it is like going through a wind tunnel as you see the plane you are about to fly. You can rotate the view using your analog stick and it also gives you the statistics about the aircraft.

As you progress, the missions become harder and you must rely more on your tactics than your firepower. This game is not a flight simulator but more a console arcade flight simulator, so for those who want a real flight simulator, then Iron Aces 2 is not for you. This is just good old fashioned arcade fun.

Battle mode is basically a quick flight that lets you choose certain aircrafts where you can dog fight other aircrafts. Great for when you just want a quick gaming session.

The graphics of Iron Aces 2 Birds of Prey are a little plain for this day and age but features some nice special effects such as transparent cloud effects and different lighting. Once you get closer to the ground, you soon realise that everything is very flat and the detail is lacking. Fortunately there are some very water effects in this game. Another down side to the graphics are the plane explosions which lack any real feelings to them and they look small and unimpressive. 

Although the graphics do let the game down somewhat, the gameplay makes up for this. Iron Aces 2 Birds of Prey is an extremely easy game to learn because of the minimal amount of buttons that is required to fly. You basically have the options of machine guns and missiles, while using your analog stick to control movement.    

The reason why this game is so enjoyable to play is because of the easy learning curve and the creative dog fights you can have with enemy aircrafts. Combat is very easy during the early stages of the game but as you progress to more modern aircrafts, the AI soon kicks and you will discover that you have a real fight on your hands. There are three modes of difficulty that include easy, normal and hard. The menu system of Iron Aces 2 Birds of Prey is non-complex and gets you straight to where you want without any fuss. Once you complete a mission, you will be rewarded a rank and the more missions you complete, the higher your rank will become.

The music of Iron Aces 2 Birds of Prey is computer generated (MIDI) but does add to the atmosphere of the game, sometimes computer generated music suit certain games more than others because of its non-intrusive nature. The sound effects of the game is all professionally done and features the correct engine sounds, gun fire and explosions.

Overall, Iron Aces 2 Birds of Prey is a fun arcade flight simulator and is great for quick gaming sessions. The game itself is not complex and you will probably find yourself coming back to complete another mission to see what the next aircraft you will get to fly. Iron Aces 2 Birds of Prey does have its limitations but for those wanting a simple arcade flight simulator, than this game is for you. Check it out.

- Andrew B 

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