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PS2 Reviews: Herdy Gerdy

Herdy Gerdy screenshots

The Final Say!

Herdy Gerdy - reviewed by Tory F & Andrew B
Review Date: 28 March 2002
Review Score: 8/10
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Herdy Gerdy is the tale of a young boy living in a village as a herder whose life has been thrown into disarray because of a magic spell placed upon his father. The spell has placed his father under a deep sleep and will keep him out of the Island's herding competition.

Your adventure playing the role of little Herdy is to find out who is behind the spell and wake your father up. The brilliant use of cell shading perfectly drags you into the cartoon world that Herdy inhabits.

Gameplay is amusing and consists of herding various types of creatures and the collection of bells to progress into new levels. There are two main sorts of animals to herd, being doops and bleeps and I must confess to laughing every time I have to write that. The doops are chicken like creatures who can be herded by running behind them until they are in a pack. The bleeps will require a special instrument that Herdy needs to win.

The sound on this title is truly mana from heaven. You will automatically be dragged into a magical cartoon world as soon as the opening music begins.

Something that does take getting used to however is how the designers have removed the black outlines (or rather not ever included them) around items which would have made them easier to see. The whole animated world comes to life, thoroughly engrossing you with it's addictive gameplay.

Your main foes in the title are Gromps, large pinkish bear-like creature who will send you back the start of each level given the chance. One furry pawed swipe and it's all over red rover for you. The best way to combat this is to take care of the Gromps before leading your animals back to their pens.

Really the main problem we found with the title was the tendency for the game camera to behave rather dramtically which sometimes meant you had some trouble getting creatures into pens. This was for the most part easily overcome by manually manipulating the camera.

Overall, we found Herdy Gerdy to be an extremely fun and charming title. For the experienced gamer, manipulating the camera for the best result won't be too much of a problem. This may however, distract newcomers to the point of not finishing the game. We recommend this title as a good buy,  however if you have doubt as to your ability to control the game camera, just give it a quick rent first.

We can't wait for more titles like this one, bring on Herdy 2!

- Tory F & Andrew B

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