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PS2 Reviews Reviews: Headhunter


Headhunter Screenshots

The Final Say!

Headhunter - reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 1 March 2002
Review Score: 8.0/10 
Distributor: THQ

"Don't trust anyone!"

In the not so distant future, life isnt what it use to be. Criminals run rampant and the media brainwashes the public into buying and knowing what is right. Remember those commercials from Robocop and Total Recall? You play Jack Wade, a headhunter for the Anti Crime Network (ACN) who hunts down criminals in the name of economic justice. Criminals are a nasty lot and without the headhunters, life for the average is just horrible.

However, one day, your life goes from the life of "riley" to being thrown into the deep end. The head of ACN has been visciously murdered and Jake Wade wakes up tied to an operating table with people in laboratory coats trying to experiment on him. Luck is on our heroes side as Wade successfully frees himself and escapes the complex. Unfortunately he blacks out.

Your mission as Jake Wade is to discover who murdered Christopher Stern, the head of ACN and to work for LEILA (Law Enforcement Intelligence and License Approval) in order to reclaim your headhunter licence. Eventually as you play the game, you will soon discovers fragments of lost memories and why you were being operated on.

After an impessive introduction cinematic and your escape from the experimental facility, you start the game inside LEILA headquarters. This is where you must learn the basics of the game such as crouch, sneak, shoot, use objects and develop your strategies. This is basically a tutorial into learning how to play Headhunter.

The graphics of Headhunter are sharp and rendered well. The framerate stays high and is generally very smooth. Throughout Headhunter, you are treated with beautiful cinematics that help add to the atmosphere of the game. The view of Jake Wade is always from behind but you can change the camera angles if you like. Riding the motorbike throughout the game is a real buzz and it uses the game engine very well. You can even perform donuts if you wish.

The controls of the game are a little fiddly at the start but after completing the tutorial, you will have it down pat in no time. Combat mode is entered by holding down the right button (2) on the shoulder pad. This moves Jake into combat mode and he will have his gun ready to shoot. The beauty of this game, unlike many first person shooters is that the scope is auto-aiming, so you will not be frustrated by moving the analog stick to aim. Jake can also perform a variety of moves such as crouch, roll and jump which you will need to use later on in the game. The music and sound in the game is nothing special but its not lacking either.

Headhunter is a great game for the PS2, its a cross between Max Payne meets Robocop with all the media parodies. Unlike previous Dreamcast conversions, this game really does use the PS2 to its advantage. It's got a great story and even better in-game engine. Highly Recommended!

- Andrew B

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