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PS2 Reviews: Gran Turismo Concept 2002 Tokyo - Geneva


Gran Turismo Concept 2002 Tokyo - Geneva Screenshots


The Final Say!


Gran Turismo Concept 2002 Tokyo - Geneva reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 16th July 2002
Review Score 9.0/10
Distributed By: Sony

"The most definitive racing game on any console returns with awesome new locales and high powered concept dream cars."

One could be forgiven to think that Gran Turismo Concept 2002 Tokyo - Geneva is the second coming. In the competitive world of console racing games, it comes very close. Gran Turismo Concept uses an improved engine of Gran Turismo 3... with, if you can believe me,  improved graphics and gameplay.

The main difference with this current version of Gran Turismo is that the Gran Turismo mode has been removed to allow for some fast arcade style racing action. This ideal for novices who are unfamiliar with the Gran Turismo series but it also provides professionals the chance to race high powered concept cars. Rather than being complicated, Gran Turismo Concept is aimed at gamers who want a quick racing fix, rather the complexity of hardcore simulation racing. 

Gran Turismo Concept has a variety of different gameplay modes that is sure to keep the attention of gamers. In Course License mode, you must pass a variety of different license tests in order for you to qualify for races. Other gameplay modes are Single Race, 2 Player Battle Mode and Free Run.

The game also supports true multiplayer connectivity by allowing players to connect up to six PlayStation 2 consoles via the i.LINK Battle mode for some high speed racing excitement.

It's all about the cars...

Gran Turismo Concept features an amazing array of authentic cars, both real and concept from Japan, Europe, Korea and the United States. Ever walked through a motor show and dreamt of taking the latest concept car from Japan for a test drive? Well this game will let you do just that and you won't have to pay millions of dollars but just the price of the game itself.

There are over 50 different cars that you can select from in the game that include the Mercedes-Benz SL500, the Nissan GT-R Concept and the Dodge Viper GTS/R Prototype. The developers have done an excellent job on the ingame car models that accurately portray their real world counterparts, both in looks and handling. 

Amazing locations...

There are five different racing locations that allow you to test your racing skills. Such as the tropical paradise of Tahiti, the futuristic feel of Tokyo streets to the scenic mountain views of the Swiss Alps. These tracks can also be raced in the other direction which takes the total number of tracks up to ten. 

For a racing game, Gran Turismo Concept is very long and would take the novice roughly 30 hours to complete. Although seasoned professionals could complete the game in considerable less time. As with previous games of the Gran Turismo series, the replay value is extremely high and there are also two bonuses to unlock by finishing the game.

The graphics are almost identical to the previous Gran Turismo game with the exception of a few tweaks here and there. It's very difficult of a game of this calibre to improve graphically when it's still one of the best damn games on the market. The most impressive feature of the game are the stunning car models which are identical to the ones that are produced by the car manufacturers. The game contains various special effects and lighting effects that truly make the gameplay more enjoyable through its realistic portrayal of racing. The details of all tracks are top class but with one exception, the crowd detail is a little lack lustre and they look like two dimensional cardboard cut outs. Apart from this, the replays look fantastic and you could be mistaken for thinking that you are watching TV, they look that real.

The music of Gran Turismo Concept features some well known bands that really set the atmosphere and get your racing mood pumping. The sound effects of the game, whether its the purr of the engine or the screeching of the brakes are perfect. A refreshing change from some of the current games on the market that feel that sound is the least most important thing in a game.

If you don't own Gran Turismo 3 or you are looking for the best racing game on the console market, than this game is for you. If you own Gran Turismo 3 and you are hanging for more racing fun than rush to your local gaming store and buy this game. The attention to detail is amazing, whether it's stunning graphics or perfect gameplay, Gran Turismo Concept 2002 Tokyo - Geneva is a must have racing game for your PlayStation 2 collection. Highly Recommended!

- Andrew B 

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