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PS2 Reviews: G1 Jockey


G1 Jockey screenshots

The Final Say!

G1 Jockey - reviewed by Tory F
Review Date: 10 March 2002
Review Score: 8/10
Distributed By: THQ

"And they're off and racing!"

G1 Jockey is a game for fans of the track and off high performance horses in general. It was with some trepidation and an open mind that I started reviewing this title, bearing in mind that I am not a fan of either of the above.


The key to the review was in my being objective and to my delight I found that G1 Jockey is a joy to play. It is an in-depth concise approach to the sport of kings where as a young jockey you will be required to interact with every part of the horse racing environment, from managers to stables to other apprentice jockeys, this title has it all in spades.


It is this meticulous approach to the subject matter that lets you see why it would be successful in it's genre. Whilst the actual racing plays a part in the title, the main part is all of the choices you make leading up to the races themselves.


Career mode is a lengthy process and is certainly well put together. Graphically, the title also impresses with animations being strong and well presented. I found the most disconcerting thing about the racing was the view of both the horse's and rider's backsides! :)


On a serious note, please please please realise that this is a superb title that is catering for a specific niche target audience. Anyone who is not passionate about horse racing, rent this title first. It certainly delivers the goods extremely well but will disappoint if you don't make an informed purchase, which of course is why you are reading this.


- Tory F


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