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PS2 Reviews: Fireblade


Fireblade Screenshots

The Final Say!


Fireblade - reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 16th July 2002
Review Score 7.0/10
Distributed By: Acclaim

"The return of old fashioned arcade fun with a powerful helicopter and weaponry that could challenge third world dictators."

In the not so distant future, the Western nations have banded together to form an anti-terrorist force to rid the world of terrorists and third world dictators. In an effort to challenge the west's authority, a counter organization called the United Eastern States has emerged. This deadly organization is responsible for various terrorist training camps world wide and have armed themselves with weapons that could possibly threaten world peace and unity if their hideous plans are unleashed.

A powerful prototype helicopter called the Fireblade is finally ready for testing and you have been selected as the pilot.  With this awesome aircraft under your control and the latest weaponry, you can finally rid the world this terrorist threat. Although the storyline may sound like a movie from the eighties or an episode of Airwolf, that is where the beauty of this game comes into play. It's a dedication to the games of yesterday with the power of the PlayStation 2 behind it.

The game itself is mission based and must all be completed in order to successfully finish the game. The missions of Fireblade are varied and it's not just another shoot and destroy arcade game. Missions may include protecting your base or all out war with the terrorists. To make the game more interesting, Fireblade supports a stealth mode that lets you hover silently through hostile areas where you can sniper various enemy troops. Another awesome feature is the EMP weaponry in the game that lets you immobilise various vehicles in the game. 

The controls of Fireblade may seem a little awkward at first because you must use both analog sticks to control the helicopter but once you've learned the basics, the controls will become second nature to you. The Fireblade helicopter contains many features that will make gameplay much more enjoyable such as various weaponry and the awesome turbo boosts. 

The graphics of Fireblade may seem a little dated in today's competitive world of console gaming but nevertheless it contains some graphically impressive features. The game itself contains some awesome weather and lighting effects that help portray a realistic gaming environment. The vehicles have a fairly high polygon count and contain enough detailed textures to please gamers who are looking for eye candy graphics. Another cool feature are the explosions in the game which are all top class. 

For an arcade style game, there are just enough sound effects to keep you interested and to help give the game a warlike atmosphere. Machine guns, missiles, explosions and vehicle noises, what more do you really want? Apart from the sound effects, the game contains some amusing voice acting that does sound a little cheesy. But then again, that's what this game is about, a homage to old school gaming.

Fireblade is a solid arcade game that contains enough action and storyline to keep you entertained. Although the controls are a little awkward and the graphics appear a little dated, Fireblade is great for those times when you just want some mindless fun and destruction. Check it out!

- Andrew B 

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