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PS2 Reviews: Eve of Extinction


Eve of Extinction Screenshots

The Final Say!

Eve of Extinction - reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 23 April 2002
Review Score: 7.2/10 
Distributor: Ozisoft

Eve of Extinction is homage to classic games such as Double Dragon and Ninja Warrior. Fortunately there is a huge difference as its more like Double Dragon meets the Matrix! 

The Wisdom Corporation have discovered a rare and mystical metal that was found in the ruins of Atlantis. The company has forged this new metal with the souls of humans to create powerful weapons known as legacy weapons. With these legacy weapons, the Wisdom Corporation will try to take over the world and become its new masters. Fortunately for the world, Josh Calloway has uncovered the dark secrets behind the Wisdom Corporation and decides to take on the full might of this powerful corporation. More than just the world remains at threat... but also the soul of Josh's girlfriend.

The main features of this game is the outstanding graphics and game-play which rarely falls below 60 frames per second. The graphics have a very Japanese anime feel to it and all characters are well modelled. Apart from the awesome in-game graphics, you are treated to some very impressive CGI movies that all come together in this unique title. 

As you play Josh Calloway, you are treated to a variety of moves and weapons. Your main weapon is a legacy sword which also has the soul of your girlfriend. Thankfully she is also your watchful eye and guardian who warns you of upcoming dangers and where to go. The main object of the game is to defeat agents of the Wisdom corporation. You do this by using your weapons or fists. You can also switch between weapons in mid-combat to create some stunning combo moves. 

Certain areas of the game require you to climb, jump and hang onto objects in the game. You can also use certain weapons in the game to jump higher and perform some super moves. Combat has a very low learning curve and unfortunately, the AI of the game is extremely dumb. When it comes down to the crunch, Eve of Extinction is just another hack and slash game. Many of the enemies just stand there while you beat the living daylights out of them. Fortunately, the bosses in the game are more adapt at fighting.

The music of Eve of Extinction isn't too inspiring but does help with the action sequences. The voice actors provide some excellent but corny dialogue that helps give this game that "B" type feel to it which the game is aiming at.  

Overall Eve of Extinction is a good game and sometimes feels a little empty. Once you
completed the game, you are able to access the unlockable arena mode or play the game again with more powerful legacy weapons. For those that are looking for fighting games with an edge, than Eve of Extinction is the game for you. Worth checking it!

- Andrew B

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