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PS2 Reviews: Dynasty Warriors 4



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Dynasty Warriors 4 reviewed by Andrew B 
Review Date: 21 August 2003
Review Score 8.8/10
Distributed By: THQ

"Go back in time and become a legendary Han Dynasty Warrior that not only saves the kingdom but is also the general of thousands..."

Dynasty Warriors 4 is the latest saga of the highly popular mythical Han Dynasty series that finally takes the game to the next level of excellence. Unlike the previous versions of the game, Dynasty Warriors 4 now features a highly improved graphics engine with exceptional AI intelligence. 

Dynasty Warriors 4 is set in feudal China at the start of the first millennia, during the second and third centuries. The game is heavily based in the world of Chinese mythology with enriched storytelling and epic battles between chaos and order. In Dynasty Warriors 4, you play the role of a powerful general that must lead his or her troops into victory and what better way to show leadership, is by example itself.

The gameplay of Dynasty Warriors 4 is extremely similar to the previous incarnations where you must command large armies. Although alot of the missions feature the traditional hack and slash genre, Dynasty Warriors 4 features quite a variety of missions that ensures that the gameplay doesn't become too repetitive.

Another impressive feature of the game is that you can also upgrade your weapons that you use, so rather than just level your character, you can also wield very unholy weapons with awesome power. Apart from the great new weapons, general duels is another new aspect of the game that lets you battle one on one between other generals.

The control system of Dynasty Warriors 4 is flawless and unlike other versions, the camera angles are perfect. Dynasty Warriors 4 also supports a very in-depth multiplayer mode that allows you to duel your friends in this mythically Chinese world. Dynasty Warriors 3 had extreme problems with the multiplayer mode because of unacceptable slowdowns but fortunately this is non existent in the fourth chapter of this game.

Apart from the improved gameplay mode, the game also allows  you to create your own general that helps increase playability of this game. The revamped Musou mode also allows you to switch between characters but most people will ignore this feature because it is easier to concentrate on one character, rather than two or three.

Dynasty Warriors 4 also boasts a new combat system that includes unique special movies for the 40 or so characters that are included in the game. Characters include the powerful Zhang Fei who is so strong and noble but can pick up enemies with his bare hands and throw them on the ground. Whereas the beautiful and sexy Sun Shang Xiang has the lithe like ability to cartwheel through a row of opponents.

Graphically, Dynasty Warriors 4 is far superior over its predecessors and all the characters, backgrounds and special effects look simply amazing. The characters now feature a higher polygon count with extremely realistic textures. These characters now move more realistically with human-like fluidity. One of the biggest complaints from the previous series were that the enemies appeared out of thin air whenever the battles took place, but now you can actually see your enemies approach you from the distance.

The musical score of Dynasty Warriors 4 is perfect and helps add to the atmosphere of this highly addictive game. The sound effects sound straight out of a Chinese kung-fu movie and perfectly suits the game.

In conclusion, Dynasty Warriors 4 is an amazing game that is probably the best in the entire series as developers KOEI have gone to extreme lengths to improve the graphic system and AI of the enemies. With perfect graphics and brilliant gameplay, Dynasty Warriors 4 is the perfect game for this slow time in PS2 games. Highly Recommended!

- Andrew B

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