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PS2 Reviews: Deus Ex

Deus Ex Screenshots

The Final Say!

Deus Ex - reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 23 June 2002
Review Score: 9.3/10
Distributed By: GameNation

The acclaimed PC game of the year makes it's way onto the PS2 for fans of first person shooters/adventure games. One of the most interactive titles in this genre to make it to the console, Deus Ex will amaze and enthral you with it's degree of depth and complexity.

You play the part of J.C. Denton, a nano-augmented agent for UNATCO, a task group-come police force that is relegated to dealing with high level security threats such as terrorism. The United States has been infected with a man made plague, and shipments of the vaccine for it hvae been hijacked.

Rumour has it that someone high in the Government in responsible for the plague's release.

This game will amaze people who have become jaded with your stock standard first person shooter with it's innovative storyline and level of interaction. In fact, Deus Ex goes so indepth that quite rightly it could be termed a first person RPG.

Possibly the only downside to the entire title is that some of the environments are a bit drab and not truly indicative of what the PS2 is now capable of in the hands of innovative programmers. The game has had a lot of tweaking though and the inventory system is measurably easier to navigate than it's PC equivalent.

Interact with your environment at all times. Looking at items brings up a item description (if the object is usable) and then they can be used with the action button. I must confess to spending the first 15 minutes or so of the game having fun hoisting a garbage bag into the head of a UNATCO trooper and listening to him complain.

Powerups are available to Denton throughout the game and come as temporary and permanent augmentations. This is where the true beauty of the title becomes rapidly apparent. Being a combination of man and nano-machine, Denton has built in augmentations or skills that can be used at will, but do drain his bioelectric supply. Lights, increased combat strength etc are but a part of his superhuman abilities.

Enemy AI is well realised depending on the skill level selected at the start of your game. Medium skill level represents a well balanced game that will have you on your toes, whilst anything higher would be suitable possibly for the second time round when you have a true feel for the game.

Make sure that you get Denton to talk to everyone that you come across. Every character in the game will have something to say, and it may not be the first time you speak to them either. Everyday speech is displayed as plain text, whereas an important speech will be within a black frame. Quite often the camera angle with change somewhat as well to show importance, revealing your character Denton in a third person view.

Deus Ex is a tale of betrayals and the shadow world, where things are not quite what they would seem. You will find yourself questioning your own actions and motives within the game. Why are only the rich and influential getting access to the plague serum? What part does your brother have to play in all this? What did happen to him overseas that he won't talk about?

Controls have been mapped perfectly to the Dual Shock 2 , making navigating the levels a breeze. The option to change the controls to normal up and down view is great as it was awkward with inverted controls at first.

Audio is well done with some nice voice acting incorporated into the cut scenes and character conversations. Weapons fire is well realised and it was of some amusement to note the ambient soundtrack. By that I mean that the music changes depending on what you are doing at the time. During combat, an intense little tune plays, however sometimes when using the sniper rifle or assault rifle, you could have dispatched your enemy then all of a sudden the combat music would start. Overall the quality of the music did suit the gameplay but was the weakest link in an absolutely spectacular game.

An important note for players is to make sure to save and save often. A number of games recently have lulled us into just relying on the title to save at checkpoints and mission completion etc... Not so with Deus Ex. If you forget and foul up, that's it! So Uncle Tory says, save, save and save!

Deus Ex is an innovative title that is a must have addition to your collection and here at impulsegamer.com, we can't wait for the sequel!

- Tory Favro

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