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PS2 Reviews: Blood Omen 2


Blood Omen 2  screenshots

The Final Say!

Blood Omen 2 - reviewed by Tory F 
Review Date: 24 April 2002
Review Score: 7.5/10
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The legacy of Kain continues in the latest installment of the series. For those of  you with their heads in the sand, Kain is a vampire and most players would be familiar with the character from the Soul Reaver series - Kain is Raziel's protagonist and responsible for Raziel's shattered form.

In this storyline you play the part of Kain who has been slumbering for two hundred years and has finally woken from deep sleep hungering for blood. Kain has forgotten much of his knowledge and training and hence the interactive training sequence before getting into the game proper.

Graphically the title is certainly nice to look at at first glance and continues on in the same way for some time. Eidos are known for good looking games. The atmosphere is gothic and dark and Kain moves like the predator he is through throngs of unsuspecting passersby.

Character progression is a key part of the title with Kain gaining in strength as he progresses throughout the game. The more blood that Kain drinks (don't discriminate with your victims!) the more powerful he gets and the more abilities he acquires.

One thing to bear in mind is that the current tale precedes the Soul Reaver storyline and that may confuse some players. This is before Kain became the enemy of Raziel. As in all the Legacy of Kain series, Kain is excellently voiced by Simon Templeman who makes Kain sound smooth as silk, giving a sinister edge to every word.

Remember, even though you are Kain, he is pure evil. Killing indiscriminately in order to further himself, Kain will take down normal men and women along with his "enemies".

And speaking of enemies, Kain is often attacked by groups so be sure to always be on the lookout. However he seems to get stuck on certain opponents and you cannot just chop and change from one person to the next. Attacks are varied and will keep you amused.

Be sure to play with the controls and get used to them before proceeding too far into the game otherwise you will not get to see a lot of the kills that Kain is capable of performing. There is a brilliant attack in which Kain throttles his opponent and then you can choose in which way to finish the struggling miscreant, or just hurl them into a wall.

Music is scored well for the title however does not seem to truly follow the action which does take away a bit from what could be several tense moments. Some of the ingame movies are a little long winded, however given the complexity of the storyline in which Kain takes part, I can't really think of any other way they could have done it.

As Kain gathers power you will get a variety of new abilities called Dark Gifts. I won't go into details of all your new abilities other than the first two given to you: Mist and Rage attack. These attacks are highly impressive and visually are a treat. Turning to mist renders you invisible and thereby allows you a special attack. Try it!

Primarily an action title, don't expect the puzzles that plagues Raziel in the Soul Reaver games. This game is a lot more straight forward with Kain coming to grips with the new world of magic and technology, where vampires no longer rule the night or day. 

End "level" battles are fantastic and you will be rewarded by new powers upon successful completion. Bosses will keep you busy as you plot to exploit their weaknesses. Blood Omen 2 is a great title with one of gamedom's coolest bad ass characters, Kain!

- Tory F 

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