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PS2 Reviews: Ace Combat 4: Distant Thunder

Ace Combat 4: Distant Thunder Screenshots


The Final Say!

Ace Combat 4: Distant Thunder - reviewed by Tory Favro
Review Date: 12 February 2002
Review Score: 8.95/10 
Distributed By: Sony Computer Entertainment

"A quality flight title at last for the PS2"

Streaking through the stratosphere comes the brilliant title Ace Combat 4: Distant Thunder (from here on in known as AC4). 


Combining brilliant photorealism with a smooth game engine, AC4 will see you taking control of a fighter jet and being part of an elite squadron foiling all threats that come your way.


Immediately throwing you into the action,  the gorgeous graphics will have you zooming down to earth to check out if the land you are flying over is just as detailed down low as it is up in the sky.. Unfortunately the answer is no, but in no way does this count against the title.


The communication amongst you and your team mates is realistic and listen carefully as they just might save your skin.

The title's engine is superb, realistically giving you the impression that you truly are flying a fighter jet. With more than one plane to choose from the playability factor of the title is increased for perfectionists, not to mention a fun two player option. 

Yet another plus for this already fully featured title is how damn good it looks. As far as I am concerned you are there when you are playing this title and multi angle replays look sweet as candy.

Not since Sky Odyssey has the feeling that you are truly airborne come so strongly into play. Sky Odyssey was also distributed by Sony and was released shortly after launch.

One downside is the tutorial which is frustrating yet very informative. It's a necessary evil in essence, however with the inability to skip or hurry up tuition, you will wish that you had never started the tutorial.

It is a good thing that this title has emerged relatively unscathed after the events of September 11, 2001 in the United States, with Sony Japan holding back advertising in respect of what had occurred.

AC4 is just what the doctor ordered for the PS2, a great flight sim with an engaging storyline. The fast pace of the dogfights and easy to master interface will make you an ace in no time!

Thumbs up and get ready for the flight of your life!

- Tory Favro


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