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GameBoy Advance Reviews: Turok Evolution


Turok Evolution Screenshots

The Final Say!


Turok Evolution
reviewed by Tory F
Review Date: 05 October 2002
Review Score: 8.2/10 
Distributed By: Acclaim

Turok: Evolution is a side scrolling adventure for everyone's favorite dinosaur hunter. Whilst the other outings of Evolution were handled by Acclaim Studios Austin, the GBA Adventure was outsourced to RFX Interactive with fantastic results. Whilst the home console titles were first person shooters, the GBA version is a thrill packed sidescroller with plenty of bang for your buck. Literally, this is what the Turok games are known for, big guns and lots of shooting. 

Graphically the game will not disappoint. Pixels are vibrant and look very good indeed. You can play as either Tal'Set (Turok) or as Djunn who is a mercenary type character. Armed to the teeth with various weapons of mass destruction, you must take on wave after wave of opponents that flood you in a hail of gunfire.

There are slight platform parts to the game but for the most part, your character will make it's way left and right only. The game has password save as opposed to cartridge save and the thing is that the passwords are ridiculously long, leaving me to think that the game would be served with a cartridge save.

The game is multiplayer and what I found to be really cool was the fact that it supported cooperative mode for you and a mate to take on the hordes. The game is over the top with enemy generation and on occasion you may be overwhelmed by your foes. It looks great and the game even features weapons fire effects. In order to keep frame rate down, vanquished foes will "disappear" from the screen and leave the area clean. Background art looks great and is in keeping with the overall tone of the game.

The title sounds good with it's little effects and the music keeps the action coming along nicely. All said and done, Turok on GBA is a good purchase for your GameBoy Advance.

- Tory Favro

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