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GameBoy Advance Reviews: Snood


Snood Screenshots

The Final Say!


Snood - reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 02 August 2002
Review Score: 8.5/10 
Distributed By: Acclaim

"Fancy a round of Buster Move with a twist? Than Snood is the answer to your dreams"

Snood is the awesome new puzzle game from Destination Software that will turn you into a puzzle junkie. Based on the awesome game Buster Move, Snood is based on a similar premise where you must use your Snood-O-Matic Cannon to rescue the Snoods.  

If the name Snood sounds familiar, than it's because Snood was originally a PC Shareware game that has a cult following and now it's time for the GBA. There are over 100 different levels in this version with new graphics, characters, gaming environments and a variety of challenging puzzles that will sure to leave you addicted to this amazing puzzler. 

The premise behind the game (Buster Move/Tetris) may sound quite simple but it's much more involved, you must connect three or more pieces together by shooting a ball from your Snood-O-Matic cannon. The game becomes tricky when you must think where you must shoot your ball in order to free the Snoods and prevent the creatures from crossing the foul line.

There are a number of different of gameplay modes that were not included on the original PC version, these include the Marathon Mode, Puzzle Mode, Time Attack and Journey which will guarantee you hours of gaming goodness.

The game also supports multiplayer mode via the game link cable that is an extra bonus for those intending to purchase the game.

Graphically,  Snood may seem a little simple but the graphics really suit the game. The characters look very colourful and all have different facial features that adds to the gaming element of Snood. Although the graphics may seem simple, this game is all about gameplay and that's where the game makes good.

Although there is sound in this game, it is pretty simplified so don't expect orchestrated music or digitised samples. The cute graphics and addictive gameplay make up for the lack of music and sound. 

For those looking for a puzzle game with a difference, than Snood is the game for you!

- Andrew B 

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