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GameBoy Advance Reviews: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance


Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Screenshots


The Final Say!

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance - reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 15 September 2003
Review Score: 9.5/10 
Distributed By: Nintendo

The world of console gaming has truly gone made and when I ignore my PlayStation 2 and XBox consoles to play my GameBoy Advance SP, you must question the developers of these more "advanced" consoles. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is the latest instalment of the popular Final Fantasy series that has you playing as a young boy called Marche, who has been magically transported into a world of sword and sorcery after his younger brother managed to decipher an ancient tome.

When Marche discovers that he is no longer in his own world, he must then embark on the greatest adventure of his life. Not only must he somehow return to his home but he must also save the doomed world of St. Ivalice by mastering the sword and guiding his clan to victory.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance involves a variety of missions that must be bought from the local pubs within the world of St. Ivalice. Each of these missions builds up your characters and rewards your clan with money.

The battle system of Final Fantasy is a little unusual and each battle involves a character called the "judge" who monitors the battle and ensures that no one breaks the law of the region. Each region or city that you visit has its own unique laws that must be abided by your characters.

Although the combat system is turn based, your characters must also move on squares during the battles. This allows them to achieve a variety of options such as moving closer to the enemy, using an item, moving away so they can cast powerful spells or even fleeing when inured.

Every move you make on the combat arena rewards your characters with experience. The only downside to the gameplay is that sometimes the menu systems are a little cluttered when you are selecting what kind of attacks or options you are about to perform in the battle.

Fortunately the game is littered with various weapons, armour and equipment through the world of St. Ivalice that helps add an RPG aspect to this impressive little game. The game also contains a variety of characters for your clan and you can even challenge your friends through its amazing multiplayer function that lets you challenge each others clans.


Graphically, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is amazing on the GameBoy Advance SP and actually looks better than the original PSOne version. Even when played on the GameBoy player on my Philips widescreen television, it looked quite simply amazing. Gamers will also be treated to a fully 3D isometric world with amazing detail that contains a variety of highly complex environments from villages to prisoners and dangerous deserts. Although the animation of the game is a little rough, the game makes up for the graphics in other ways with some amazing special effects that include spells, explosions and some brilliant lighting effects.

The developers have also done an exceptional job at the sound effects of the game that contain various grunts, explosions, screams and the sounds of magic and swords. The musical score of Final Fantasy Tactics is amazing and once again Square programs their games with the upmost competence.

In conclusion, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is easily one of the most amazing games out for the system at the moment that contains some brilliant gameplay, awesome graphics and a soothing musical score that is sure to win fans worldwide. Amazing!

- Andrew B

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