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Gameboy Advance Reviews: Fila Decathlon 


Fila Decathlon Screenshots

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Fila Decathlon - reviewed by Andrew B & Tory F
Review Date: 9 April 2002
Review Score: 8/10 
Distributed by: THQ

Fila Decathlon is the much  anticipated sports extravaganza for the Gameboy Advance. The game itself contains 10 different events such as the 100metre sprint, hurdles, high jump, javelin and pole vault. Fila Decathlon offers five different modes of gameplay that include single event, practice, regional championship, national
championship and Olympic tournament.

In the old days when dinosaurs still roamed the world, the arcades were filled with various sport games such as Hyper Olympics and Summer Games.
In these days, the Commodore 64 roamed the earth and many joysticks were broken because of games like this. These games were button mashers, the
faster you hit the button, the better your athlete would perform. This is the same principle behind Fila Decathlon. If you're not use to playing games like this, you may get some sore fingers after a few races. But what better way to perform some GBA exercise?

The graphics of Fila Decathlon really show just what this little
machine of goodness can do. All characters are well animated and
have different looks and uniforms. The stadiums have a true 3D feel to them and you can even see the advertising around the stadium with "Fila" and "THQ" being plastered everywhere. The crowd backgrounds look nice and are extremely colourful.

Soundwise the game does leave a bit to be desired but considering the subject, what sounds could really be incorporated into the game? Grunting? Basic voice samples are present throughout the game such as "on your marks" and other race related comments.

A nice touch to the title is the ability to watch your computer opponents in action as they compete for glory against you. This in fact can give you the ability to see where you may not be doing as well because invariably the CPU performs better than you on almost every event other than the running events.

Some players may tire of simply smashing buttons time and time again and quite frankly there is not much more to the game than that. It hearkens back to a time of furious button pounding at the arcade where 20 cents meant one more race. 

Whilst not truly taking advantage of the full prowess of the GBA, Fila Decathlon is a most entertaining game that will see you trying to beat your best accomplishment time and time again.

With up to 5 competitors on the screen at any one time, Fila invites you to the Decathlon!
As with most Gameboy Advance games, this title supports multiplayer options with head-to-head gameplay via the link cable.

- Andrew B & Tory F

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