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GameBoy Advance Reviews: Dave Mirra 2 Freestyle bmx


Dave Mirra 2 Freestyle bmx Screenshots


The Final Say!

Dave Mirra 2 freestyle bmx - reviewed by Andrew B
Review Date: 15 September 2003
Review Score: 8.0/10 
Distributed By: Acclaim

Dave Mirra 2 freestyle bmx is the latest extreme sports game to hit the GBA and allows gamers to ride as one of the world's top 12 bmx sporting champions. No matter what pro you pick, gamers are guaranteed that each rider will play differently. The reason for this unique aspect of the game is that each rider has their own signature tricks that must be unlocked while playing this game.

Dave Mirra, Ryan Nyquist, Zach Shaw, Mike Laird, Kenan Harkin, Leigh Ramsdell, Todd Lyons, Troy McMurray, Rick Moliterno, Tim Mirra, Scott Wirch and Colin Mackay are just some of the BMX professionals who have allowed themselves to be digitally recreated for this impressive title.

The game contains a variety of gameplay options that include Proquest that gives the player a variety of tasks that must be completed within a given time. Similar to that of the Tony Hawk series, players must complete objectives such as the spray can challenge, grind the  bend and perform various high scores in order for them to unlock the next section of the game.

The single session mode lets gamers play on any of the tracks they have unlocked and perform any of the challenges within a two minute time slot. Whereas freeride allows you to ride and practice on any unlocked course. The game also contains a great two player mode that allows you to compete against your friends for the best score and adrenaline rush.

The control system of the game is a little fiddly at the best of times and would be must better with an analog stick  instead of the clumsy gamepad system. Although nothing major, it will take some time to master the control system of the game. The B button is used to grind your bike, A is to jump with your bike and using the gamepad will allow you pull off a variety of cool tricks.

Graphically, Dave Mirra 2 freestyle bmx is a extremely impressive looking game. The menu systems can easily be navigated and contains real pictures of the riders themselves with a short biography on their career.  The riders themselves are extremely well animated and detailed and the gaming environments contain a fair amount of complexity and variety to ensure that gamers don't get too bored. 

The sound effects of the game contain a variety of "bike" type noises and also crash sounds when you unfortunately crash your bike. The music of the game is a little too midi for my liking but it is quite varied and it can also be turned off if need be.

In conclusion, I would recommend Dave Mirra 2 freestyle bmx to any extreme sports fan as not only does it bring the best of the sport to the GBA but also gives the gamer some great graphics, a very sturdy control system and it allows you ride as one of the world's greats, Dave Mirra himself. Check it out!

- Andrew B

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