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Design 9.0
Usability 8.0
Installation 9.0
Value 8.5
Developer: Powermat
Review Date:
April 2010
Joel Williams



The ability to charge wirelessly was once the realm of science of fiction.. until now... Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you the Powermat, the revolutionary new way to charge a plethora of popular devices from phones to portable gaming peripherals without the need of tangled power cords.

Just imagine that your Apple iPhone, Nintendo DS and Bluetooth headset are just about to run out of power and rather than connecting all three devices into the mains with a huge gamut of tangled wires, all you need to do is sit them on top of the Powermat and presto... they begin to charge.

With the ability to charge up 3-devices “wirelessly”, the Powermat is truly an amazing piece of technology. The only catch is that you need to connect your device (e.g. the Sony PSP) to the Powercube (see above screenshot). The Powercube comes with an assortment of connectors which easily plugs into the power slot of your device.

If you want to go even further, additional accessories can be purchased from Powermat that include Battery Doors, Docks or Cases which remove the need for the Powercube. For example, the Powermat Receiver for the iPhone is basically a case and you slide your smart phone into the case, to charge the device, all you need to do is lay your unit on the Powermat and the "wireless" connection is created. See the following two screenshots.

The most impressive thing for us is that the device removes the need for a plethora of wires and it even makes a sound, alerting you that the device is being charged. Once a device is charged, it will stop attempting to charge the device, thanks to the receiver connected to the Powermat. Also for the “wireless” technology to work, you need to place the receivers on a certain part of the Powermat and thanks to the magnets, it helps it slide into position.

Box Contents

  • Home & Office Mat

  • Powercube Universal Receiver with 9 tips

  • Universal, international power supply (100-240V) with built-in cord management

The design of the Powermat is like a mini skateboard that is extremely light and boasts over a hundred different devices that can be charged by it. The device measures 1.27cm by 31.24 by 11.43cm which is relatively small and would fit on any desk. The unit also contains two buttons, one for adjusting the LED’s on the device and another for adjusting the volume for confirming that a device is charging. The cases that came with the review included a receiver for the iPhone 3G and the Nintendo DS Lite. The installation was a little tricky with the iPhone but once installed, the case not only provided a wireless power source to our iPhone but the case can be used to protect your unit from knocks and bumps.

Another impressive feature is if you don't happen to have access to mains, you can plug the unit into your laptop that will in turn charge your precious little devices such as your iPhone or Blackberry. The unit itself costs $195.95AUD and if you want to have speciality devices connected to it, rather than just a standard power or USB connection, additional receivers can be purchased for around $49.95AUD. This of course does increase the price of the unit but in our opinion, it's definitely well worth it and it may be the way of the future.


  • Charging Positions: 4 (3 wireless, 1 USB port)
  • Dimensions: .625" x 12.25" x 4.5625" (HxWxD)
  • Input Voltage: 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz Universal
  • Output Voltage: 18VDC
  • Output Current: 0.83A
  • Standby Current: 0.011A
  • Adapter Power: 15 Watts

The only issue we had with the Powermat was initially we had to train ourselves where to place our gadgets on the unit but after a few days, it became second nature and the magnets do help greatly in lining things up. Of course, the sound and LED’s also assist in this process.

The cost is a little expensive and for now, I’m sure it’s been targeted for the gadget guru's who must have everything but as more devices support the Powermat, I’m sure it’s popularly will increase, especially considering how many people own smart phones or portable gaming consoles. Also, removing the case/receiver from the Apple iPhone was a little tricky at best. You just need to have patience.

In conclusion, we enjoyed the capabilities of the Powermat, especially considering how many of these devices we own for testing which removed the need for additional cabling. The Powercube works quite easy with the unit and all you need to do is plug the cable into your iPod Touch, PSP or Mobile Phone... simplicity at its best. However if you only own one of the devices compatible with the unit, than it’s probably not worth it but if you own two or more, than this time saving device is the perfect accessory to our busy lifestyle, especially the additional receivers. Definitely check it out and it will be available at all good retailers in April 2010, recommended!

Stay turned for our Powermat Wireless Charging Receiver reviews for the iPhone 3G and Nintendo DS Lite!


Home & Office Mat
Compatible Receivers
  • Works with all Powermat receivers
Powercube Receiver (9 Tips included)
Tip Charges These Devices
Mini USB (default receiver tip)
  • BlackBerry (all models that use Mini USB)
  • Many Motorola® phones
  • Many HTC® phones
  • Many Bluetooth® headsets
  • Many GPS devices
Micro USB Tip
  • Many Motorola® phones
  • Many LG® phones
  • Many Palm® phones
  • Many Bluetooth® headsets
Nokia (2mm) Tip
  • Many Nokia® phones
Sony Ericsson Tip
  • Many Sony Ericsson® phones
DS Lite Tip
  • Nintendo DS® Lite
DSi Tip
  • Nintendo DSi™
LG 1 Tip
  • Many LG® phones
Samsung 2 Tip
  • Many Samsung™ phones
Sony PSP Tip
  • Playstation Portable®
  • Some Kodak® cameras
Additional tips can be purchased separately



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