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Warcraft Legends Volume 3 (Manga) Review - -

Story 8.3
Art 8.2
Value 8.3
Total 8.3
Distributor: Madman
Publisher: Tokyo Pop
Pages: 150


Warcraft Legends Volume 3

Based on one of the world’s most popular online games World of Warcraft, comes another exciting Manga book from TOKYOPOP, one of the world’s largest creators of Western styled Manga. For the uninitiated, Manga is an extremely popular phenomena in Japan that although is based on the comic book format, it’s far more in-depth in terms of content and with that unmistaken anime style of artwork.

Generally, these books are always in black and white, however there have been some exceptions in the past but as they are in black and white, this also keeps the costs of the printing down, making this quite an affordable and entertaining read. This current installment in the series is volume 3 of Warcraft Legends and it contains four exciting tales set in this wondrous universe.

The first tale is written by Richard Knaak with stunning Manga artwork by Jae-Hwan Kim and continues the adventures of Trag Highmountain, a fallen tauren hero who has been reborn as one of the Lich King’s undead warriors. Thankfully for the citizens of Azeroth, Trag has somehow managed to hold onto his soul, however the strings of the Lich King are strong and he is using his utmost will power to resist the call.

In this story, Trag continues his journey to defeat the nefarious Lich King who is responsible for his current predicament and this tale contains action and adventure in that classic Manga style. Befriended by a village of powerful two legged beasts, they assist Trag by accompanying him to a dragon graveyard where he finds a powerful bone fragment of an ancient dragon that may be the key to defeating this Lich King. Just as the story gets thoroughly entertaining, it also abruptly ends, so bring on Volume 4 so we can continue the adventurous tale of Trag Highmountain.

The second tale is written by Dan Jolley and features classic Manga artwork by Fernando Heinz Furukawa that revolves around a moralistic tale about Captain Lauer, a female leader of the human Crusades who has been brought up to dispose any sentient creatures who are non-human. For Lauer, she has been given the task of tutoring her sister’s son Stefan in order to teach him their strong edicts. Stefan is always questioning their cause, doubtful that their way is justice and harbors thoughts that it is only fuelling the violence between the species. When an elf jewel master meets with a human to sell her a jewel for her brother, both are merciless cut down by the Crusades which sets in motion a chain of events that eventually leads to a devastating conclusion. This is truly the thinking man’s tale in this book and is brilliantly complimented by the sharp and impressive artwork.

The third story revolves around a Goblin who has been exiled by his people for betraying his clients, only to end up in a multiracial village where he ends up becoming Greatfather, an almost carbon copy of Santa Claus. As he offers children the promises of toys for "Christmas", one girl asks for her father back who has gone missing. With his conscience heavy from betraying the trust of his last client, he reluctantly helps the little girl as he gets involved with a dangerous dwarf who has stolen the little girl’s father to create a robotic giant. This tale is quite light when compared to the others and is my least favourite, probably due to the references of the real-world. Unlike the other tales, it’s considerably more childish.

Lastly, The Thrill of the Hunt is the last tale and is written by Troy Lewter and Qing Ping Mui which involves a powerful dwarven hunter named Hemet Nesingwary who teaches a ground of human hunters, what it means to be a noble hunter. With heavy action and some great artwork, Lewter really draws you into this noble tale about a dwarf attempting to save a defensive creature. With four great tales, this is one Manga book that will keep you enthralled from start to finish!

Definitely one to check out@!


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