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Crysis 3
Reviewed by
Edwin Millheim
Crysis 3 360 Review. Crysis 3 steps it up for the player, giving us a thrill ride with all of Crytek’s bombast. Bringing us a story of nanosuit powered revenge wrapped in the gloriously beautiful graphics that Crytek is well known for.

Gameplay 8.7
Graphics 9.4
Sound 8.7
Value 8.5
Developer: Crytek
Distributor: EA
Rating: MA15+
Review Date: March 2013
Edwin Millheim


Crysis 3
Available on PC, PS3 & XBox 360 (Reviewed)

Crysis 3 a spectacular entertaining experience.

Crysis 3 launches us back in to the much anticipated world of Nanosuit combat once again, with plenty of battles, bad ass aliens and fun as hell weapons. The story line has a enough twists and turns in it to keep your brain entertained and enough combat and stealth to keep the adventure hound in you well fed. For the first part of the game anyway, you can get away with using a lot of stealth. Things of course ramp up and the action gets face melting intense.

Of course Crytek once again knocks everyone’s senses for a loop pushing the look of the game into a oh my gosh it’s beautiful…how the hell did they do that? All the eye candy is there from the environments to the weapons fire and explosions and lighting effects. The games look is absolutely incredible.

Speaking of the environments and the story, it seems while Prophet has been locked away things have gotten considerably worse in the world. New York city is now contained in a gigantic nanodome. If that was not enough, it seems Mother Nature has gone wild and has worked to take the land back from the city. A rainforest now grows, and this rain forest has seven different environments. The graphics and renderings of the environments have a visual punch, from clean lines and bright colors of research and base corridors, to the gently swaying tall grasses in the over grown New York City areas. Bodies of water react to weapons fire, sending up a spray of water that drops back down in little droplets of water along with ripples. All the visuals are truly breathtaking.

The game designers skillfully take the player from one pulse pounding moment to the next, from battles on an oil rig, to the swamp like areas and other aspects of the New York City choked with forest now.

All though as I said the adventure punches up in the action department quite a bit the level designs give the player plenty of chances to play the way they want to. From sneaky attacks by cloaking and coming up behind an enemy to take them out, or taking them out silently with the wicked cool bow. Or just go Rambo on the enemy and throw your share of lead. However you play it’s an incredible ride.

When it comes to weapons, the bow just makes this game. You just feel like the Alpha predator here, on the hunt with that high tech compound bow. It’s truly an invigorating feeling to shoot the bow at a target and watch it go down. Arrows for the bow have a few different munitions heads to get the job done. The first is the standard carbon impact tip, the type for series hunting. The others are more for area effects and taking out personal grouped together, or even an attack helicopter. . There’s the super- thermite tip for that high explosive punch, an electric tip to deliver an electrical charge, fun when the enemy is standing in water. The air burst frag tip rounds out the arrow arsenal. With its proximity charge it works really well for that enemy that is on the move. Boom baby boom.

We once again get to fight aliens but not at first. Players get to warm up their fighting skills with a faction known as C.E.L.L (Crynet Enforcement & Local Logistics) A private military group they are a constant thorn in the side of the player. These soldiers serve the story well and the formula seems to be the game designers give them to you as sort of a warm up before the harder stuff comes up. Now I must say that the enemy is not a push over, don’t get me wrong here. Even at the lower level of difficulty they tend to make you work for the win.

It’s pretty much up to the player to find out what the hell is going on with the C.E.L.L soldiers and then a bit later the aliens come into the mix, the Ceph, ah yes the aliens are back and there are a couple new types that may just give the player a run for their money. The Scorcher in particular is a nasty surprise, like a living flame thrower.

Crysis 3 steps it up for the player, giving us a thrill ride with all of Crytek’s bombast. Bringing us a story of nanosuit powered revenge wrapped in the gloriously beautiful graphics that Crytek is well known for.

While the more things change the more they stay the same, we are given a mix of old and new in the overall story. This is a good thing since players will feel right at home if they have played the series thus far. New comers will get the knack since there is an excellent tutorial on the controls and weapons. It feels like home. Controls to me feel so much more precise this time around. Players may actually forget they are even gripping a controller in hand.

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Edwin Millheim


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